Custom made Behavioral Analytics Software to understand the real behavior of your user


Why Behavior Analytics Software?

User Behaviour Analytics is a method for collecting both qualitative and quantitative data of the visitors that have landed on your website. In terms of understanding and pointing out the triggers which the user is found taking on your website can help you in multiple ways to boost the website traffic & utilize the same for your business strategies to target your marketing campaigns for the right kind of audience. Identify the points where the user drops off or the point that leads to major lead conversion. Furthermore; add heat maps to convert all of the data into a well labelled graphical representation or do much more to double your return of marketing efforts. In conclusion; you can upsell your behavioral analytics SDK or in the global market as well.

Why build Behavior Analytics SDK/ API?

Products & Features

Build your Behavior Analytics Software to give you better results by preparing heat maps, session recordings, network tracking reports for website/ app users

Privacy by Design

By using NLP Frameworks & Deep learning algorithms; our tech team will help you build your software to produce a safe and secure environment for your working.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated software development team will be onboarded which comprises software designers, developers & project managers to deliver your project successfully

Agile Methodology

Our team has extensive experience working in an agile environment which allows to keep complete transparency about the development process.

What to expect from our team?


Dedicated time for research & Implementation

Rigorous assessment and planning

Solution-focused approach

Thought-through roadmap

Requirement Fulfillment

Quality Over Quantity

Transparent Process


Compromised Quality

Outdated migration techniques

Unnecessary Delays

Diverted Energy

Ways to hire us?


On Project Basis


On Hourly Basis


B2B Partnership

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