Cloud Consultation

Leverage CreateByte’s Cloud Consulting Services to Create Business Insights for Better Results.

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Cloud Consultation

CreateBytes provides business and technical consulting services via cloud-based solutions to build secure, scalable and trustworthy cloud platforms. CreateByte’s Cloud Consulting services create business insights for better results and prepare your business to become a tough competitor in your respective industry.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Strategy

Take full advantage of cloud computing strategies using our consultancy while taking: service-related decisions, platform & technology-related decisions, compliance & security decisions, planning & sizing, governance and at many more various levels.


CreateBytes is a leading DevOps solution provider providing:

  • End to end infrastructure automation
  • Continuous integration
  • Automated testing & building
  • Monitoring & Maintaining 24*7

Cloud Engineering

CreateBytes’ team creates a complete range of complex big data solutions that specifies and addresses your requirement related to:

  • Storage
  • Content Distribution
  • Application development on cloud

Cloud Native Apps

Get Cloud Native solutions that ensure rapid product release and less time-to-market by using inherently designed applications build considering cloud environment and can easily run on a cloud platform.

Manage Security

While working with your firm, we make sure that any changes during the process of our collaboration do not pose any obstacle in your performance and business agility.

Cloud Migration

To lead companies to success our cloud migration services provide guidance to organize and adjust IT Processes and procedure that ensures efficiency & best results.

CreateBytes' Expertise in Cloud Consulting

Run Business Applications

  • We bring more agility, scalability, accessibility & security to your business by moving your business application to the cloud.
  • Creating websites & mobile application
  • Files & storage database
  • CAD or any other software

Disaster Recovery

  • Real-time imitation of your applications
  • Restore applications and files swiftly
  • Retain files & data for legal requirements
  • Scale-up & down when you need.

Big Data Analytics

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Fast queries on petabyte-scale data
  • Easy Payment methods
  • Internet of Things
  • Spark & Hadoop in cloud
  • Fully-managed services for ETL, Batch & Continuous computation


  • Delivering quality content & creativity with higher speed and security.
  • Rendering, Media Archival
  • Video Transcoding & Editing
  • Live Streaming & Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Lower latency and higher speed with CDN


  • Innovating more & pushing your application lifecycle on the cloud to bring people, product and processes together.
  • ild & test code, automate deployment
  • lease & recapitulate your product quickly
  • Building world-class monitoring tools


  • An expert in helping you to build, launch and scale your cross-platform game. Deliver a shared gaming experience for users across the globe.
  • Get a sync game system to connect at real-time across different devices.
  • Customizing with real-time insights

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