How do I get more data, if I don’t have “more data”?


What is data augmentation and Keras Data Augmentation?

Image data augmentation is a method that can be used to artificially expand the size of a dataset by creating customized versions of images in the dataset, in order to enhance the performance and ability of the model to simplify. Cropping, padding, and horizontal flipping are popular data augmentation techniques used to train massive neural networks. The Keras data augmentation is a neural network library that offers the ability to fit models using image data augmentation via ImageDataGenerator. Data Augmentation and Keras Data augmentation will not only make your model more stable, but it will also save you memory!

Our Data Augmentation servicesinclude:

Shift Augmentation

Shifting the pixels of an image from one position to another. We offer two varieties: Horizontal shift augmentation and Vertical shift augmentation.

Flip Augmentation

Rotating an image in a horizontal or vertical axis. The horizontal flip will be on vertical axis, whereas Vertical flip will be on horizontal axis

Random Roatation Augmentation

Random rotation augmentation will randomly rotate the pixels of the image from 0 to 360 degrees in a clockwise direction.

Random Brightness Augmentation

The image brightness can be augmented to bright or dark based on the given brightness range, which has less than 1.0% darkens the image.

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