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Elite digital designers to deliver excellent designs that are user-centred & bleeds creativity to engage your desired audience.

What we provide

Whether it is your custom website design or you want a digital product for your website/ brand awareness program. Our design team can give you a hand by crafting intelligent digital designs that are filled with art and simplicity. We are a custom web design agency and will get you covered by delivering the following design services:

Graphic Design
UI Design
UX Design

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At CreateBytes we have done custom website development from all kinds of industries. From digital design to complete website design and development; we have served budding startups to the consistent limelights of their industries. Here’s a quick update of the sectors we have served in one way or another:

Ed Tech
Fin Tech
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Why choose createbytes design services?

Createbytes offers design services along with custom product development. Our core focus is to create such a design that is user-centred and aesthetically appealing at the same time. Our aim is to create a flawless user experience.

How long does it take to design a user interface?

Depending upon the scope of the project and after gathering all the project requirements the ui ux design team will be able to provide the timeline. It can begin from 10 days to 25 or more working days depending upon the scope of the work.

How does the digital design process work, from the beginning to completion?

We start by discussing the project thoroughly with the client. Once that is done, User Research and User Flow Diagram takes the grounding steps, followed by Wireframes, UI screen creation, and to the final stage that is prototyping.

Can I hire a Design team on an hourly basis.?

Definitely yes, you can hire a design team or a member of the design team on hourly or on project basis. In case of project basis our project manager too will be aligned to help process the robust delivery of the project.

What is your process for designing an app?

Our app design is an ongoing process comprising user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) elements. Designers ideate, define solutions, create the app's flow and structure, and make stylistic choices from colors to fonts.

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