Image Processing

Designing advanced algorithms & transforming multimedia data into intelligent insights to maximize accuracy

- 6 years

Image Analysis

CreateBytes enables you to analyse images to perform functions like Object Detection, Recognition and Identification, Real-Time Video processing & Data Labeling. Using your technical vision, our elite team will help you achieve efficiencies by designing advanced algorithms to transform multimedia data into intelligent insights to maximize accuracy.

How Image Recognition Task Works?


The machine runs a detection search upon which it detects the matter/image of significance distinguishing it from other objects and leaving everything else in the background.


The machine has a backup of labelled or categorised data where the similar objects are grouped together under a class. For eg: people, vehicles, animals, machinery, etc.


The machine than from the recognised category identifies a particular specification matching from the search specified data and comes up with it. For eg: identifying individual face/ person.

Our Applications

Facial Recognition

facial recognition services enable your firm to:

  • identify your regular customers & give them exclusive services
  • identify trespassers and increase security

Emotion Recognition

Allow your device to click a picture at the right time to capture the exact emotion of your customer regarding the product. This will allow you to deliver a customer satisfactory product.

Quality Control

Have access to automated visual inspection to keep a check on the surface defects, foreign material, discolouration, absence of products etc.

Grading, Sorting & Counting

With the use of an optical system classify the object quality, sort them and keep a count of the object on the basis of their similarity.


Damage identification & analysis of technical devices & vehicles. Detecting behavioural abnormalities by keeping a video surveillance check.

Diagnosis & Recreation

Get assistance with medical diagnosis by enhancing clinical images & identifying pathological signs (including 3D&4D), Recreating 3Dmodels from 2D data.

Tech Stack

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