Integrating 3D Geometry and image segmentation in your work flow


Why image segmentation and 3D geometry services?

With image segmentation and 3d geometry , each annotated pixel in an image belongs to a single class. It's frequently used to label images for high-precision applications, and it's time-consuming to do so because pixel-level accuracy is required. By simplifying and/or modifying the representation of a picture, an image segmentation service can make it more comprehensible and easier to study. Image segmentation is commonly used to find objects and borders

Our Image Segmentation servicesinclude:

Watershed Segmentation

The image would be treated like a topographic map by watershed method; pixel's brightness as its height and looks for the lines that run along the tops of the ridges.

Cluster based Segmentation

Unsupervised algorithms help find hidden data in images which otherwise are invisible to eyes. Clusters, structures, shadings, and other information are among the concealed data.

3D Geometry

The seamless 3D geometry functionality is what makes Createbytes’ image segmentation solution capable of supporting a growing number of labels for 3D geometry.

Quality with Accuracy

The best-in-class quality services with highest accuracy level delivering an excellence in image segmentation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing.

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Compromised Quality

Unnecessary Delays

Diverted Energy

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