Designing Redefined!

With the global market only sailing higher, the demands of the customer too have become selective. Today’s customer is more critical towards the products and their services. They are not only limiting themselves to fulfil their requirements but they want the products to capture their gaze and please them. With the increase in the number of variations to a single product, the customer has become selective. Now, the customer looks for appealing product design, smart features and everything else which makes it different from its kind. Therefore, 3D Product Designing makes it easier to test and validate your product in the marketplace to understand and predict the customer’s reaction to your product. 

The way products are designing is changing rapidly and keeping up with product designing can benefit your business extensively. 3D product designing is the trend of the hour and is continuously contributing to the manufacturing business.

But first, let’s understand how it works!

Working of 3D Product Design 

3D designs represent a physical body which is made using specific points that are allocated in 3D spaces. These can be made using manually, algorithmically or via scanning. 

The platforms used for designing are

Solid Works



Autodesk Fusion 360

Rapid Prototyping

4 Elements to keep in mind while Designing 


3D product designing is a process which is implemented to achieve the desired product result. Therefore, the concept of the behind the product should be cleared in the 3D product design. 


To design anything, the artist must have a reference to how it should finally come out. And, for that, the artist can have a photo, drawing or any other reference before he starts with the 3D product designing. 


Based on the references or the ideas given by the manufacturer, it is essential for the artist to come up with a 3D model first. This model will help him to validate his design with the reference or the manufacturer.


It becomes the duty of the artist to find a similar texture for the 3D product design to match the references which were available to him. Colours, shades, patterns and each and every detail should be precisely highlighted in the design. 

Coming together story of 3D Product Design and Manufacturing 

Initially, Product Design and Manufacturing were considered two different areas but the demands of the customer and the global market have established synchronization between the two. 3D Product Design has created a pertinent space for itself in the manufacturing industry where the industrialists are leaning towards the design market for their help in launching a new product in the market. Some of the benefits for optimising 3D product design for your business are: 

#Complete Knowledge of the product

With the help of the 3D model of the product designed, the manufacturer can extract a complete picture of it and make relevant decisions around it. The measurement of the product, colours, patterns and details all can be decided simultaneously. 

#Analysis through Prototype  

Designing a prototype for the final product can help solve many upcoming problems at the first stage only. Once the prototype of the product is ready, the manufacturer can analyze it and find out if he needs to do any changes in it. Also, the prototype will give an overview of the final product for a better understanding of the product. 

#Saves Time and Money

Imagine if one finds a fault in the product just when the product is about to be launched. Think of the losses that the manufacturer or the organisation will have to bear. And, parallelly draw a graph of how much time it will take to reconstruct the product. 3D product designing helps to neglect all these obstacles by giving a 360° angle view of the product.  

#Room for Creativity 

‘Aesthetically pleasing’- what the customers demand the most these days. The design that creates a perfect balance between art and the service for which it is meant for. A perfect 3D design will give an overview of the product and will ensure to give the manufacturer a height of increase in its sales result. 

#Promotion & Marketing 

To be able to incorporate an animation of a 3D product to the advertisement before launch will attract a lot of possible customers and will further ensure excitement for the product in the market.  Furthermore, it can be opinionated that it may lead to an increase in sales as well.