As per the statistics, in the last five years, more than 1.4 Billion Smartphones were sold and by the end of 2021, it is estimated that over 3 Billion Smartphone users will be there. Since Smartphone means more applications, therefore, the much-enhanced user experience will be on the rise. Mobile Applications are the trend of the 21st century and this industry has a huge client-base where it is touching one and all. And, to survive in this vast marketing your business needs a perfect application where your users should come back on it time and again. The development of the mobile application begins with the user and ends with the user where the user experience with the application is given the utmost priority. Henceforth, it becomes pertinent for any designer to keep user experience in mind while creating any application.

Following are the tips to boost User Experience on Mobile Application:

#1 Creative yet Simple Design

The UX designer should keep in mind that the design should be user friendly and still be aesthetically pleasing. The user should not face the difficulty in locating the navigation tools or any other thing which he is looking for on the application. Along with that, the developers should communicate with the designers and eliminate unnecessary features that may disrupt the user experience as well. Lastly, the application should be handy enough to cater to all types of users irrespective of their age group or their professional field. For example, a good health application should be that one that could be easily used by a 60year old or a 20year old.

#2 Maintain Design Consistency

maintain consistency in UX design

One of the biggest reasons that may confuse the user when he lands on your application will be the inconsistency in the design. Don’t turn your application into one jigsaw puzzle that the user needs to solve and moves on to the next when he clicks on any new page of your application. Consider the expert advice and keep the design consistent throughout. Further, having a consistent UI will ensure your application users that they are on the same application and your application will be referred for future endeavours as well.

#3 Insert Search Features

Another feature that will add a plus point to your application is the search feature on top of your application or anywhere where it is easily visible to the user. Try not to waste the user’s time because you don’t want the user to look deep into things that they are looking for and ultimately getting frustrated and living your application without making any purchase or ending with the fruitful conversion rate.

#4 Timely Notifications

Timely notifications enhance UX

Further, the designer and the developer both should take care that if the user came across 404 Page Error or any other error then the user should be timely given a notification about how to proceed with the next step. These errors should not mean an end to the conversation with the probable client. The next step should be highlighted clearly and should not make the user feel lost on your website because your user will not wait for a second to press the back button to shut down your application.

#5 Test and Update your Application.

Lastly, your client feedback should be treated like a treasure for your where a good designer or a developer should know how to convert your feedback into useful data. Listen to your clients what they have to say about your application and make the up-gradations accordingly as ultimately they are the ones who will be the ultimate users of your application. This will enhance your user experience and will maintain your goodwill in the market as well.


Your aim should be to create an application whose user experience should be commendable enough to fetch your client time and again. And, to achieve such a target develop your application keeping your user in mind. Aim at raising the bar of user-friendliness of your application and strategize your plan on the basis of the same. Lastly, to add trust only high-end designers and developers with your application as it will decide your business growth by the end.