As the technology brings out new every day, one has to keep up in order to be running smoothly in the race. Now, imagine you are in a situation where what you are doing is perfect but not up to the mark, it still lags something somewhere. But then on exploration, you find very small changes that will make a big positive impact on your web and app development skills

  1. Layout and develop every single website for mobile-first design and experience

According to stats majority people with a mobile device will first search for your site on it. Which means if you are not building a website for mobile you are simply going to lose the race. The retention rate of the online user gets lesser and lesser every year. Your site should be able to fast load in milliseconds and there should be no lag between clicking one page and the other. This may sound impossible, but it is actually not, removing any unnecessary HTML is key. It is important that you keep what you need to have the website run at exceptional speeds. Thereafter, resize all images for a mobile-first view and make sure that they load fast, and they are not taking too much memory. Stay away from slide show picture displays and too much movement as it will result in only slowing down your operation. Lastly do the necessary research to make sure after you develop the necessary code and HTML for the site, that whichever platform you choose supports your mobile-first needs.

  1. Widgets

They are small pieces of code that bring a lot of added value to any website. Widgets can be inserted in nearly any line of code and add extreme functionality and value to your site. Whether it be a chatbot to communicate with customers, a live ticker of how many people are viewing your website, the weather reports hosted on your page or almost anything at all that gives the users something else to engage with. This is important as the right widgets can boost screen time for a user and keep people on your site longer than usual.

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  1. Suitable keyboard selection on mobile devices

This is one of the most important aspects every web application developer should consider. Although, it is not a big problem, but surely inconvenient for many users. Thus, the developers, in order to increase the user experience of their web applications, must account for every detail of varying input field types. This will save a lot of user’s time and makes it easier to type the text fields.

  1. Mobile Friendliness

This is probably the thing that people often skip when working on creating a web application. These Days, everybody owns a smartphone, and most of the people perform their online transactions via smartphone. Therefore, not having a mobile design will disturb the growth of your web application as nobody has the time to go to a cybercafé or start their computer or laptop to open a web page. There are several methods to make your web application mobile-friendly, and with the likes of Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated mobile pages, one can easily create a design which is compatible for both the computer screen as well as mobile devices.

  1. Styling and Font selection

Your web application’s overall usability depends on the font selection, color, spacing and size and yet most developers do not realize its impact, and it often remained an afterthought phenomenon. The text elements in your web application plays a major role in making the user attract towards the application. The user will never waste a second on your web application if the contents of your website are unreadable or confusing. Thus, the contents of your web application must be spaced proportionally, and if you make changes to any single portion, then you must do it in all of them.

  1. Emotional connect

The structure, navigation, information hierarchy and even the contact page of a website should convey the core beliefs of the business clearly. Uploading all the necessary contact information about the organization or individual client establishes trust in the minds of the user. Transparency and authenticity are important to almost all users to stay on the website for a longer duration. Likewise building an emotional connect with the audience as per the business and industry is vital.

  1. Page Speed

If you want your web application to be at the top, then the page speed of your web application must be good enough to load all the content including the images of your website well. The reason behind giving a top priority while developing a web application is as it plays a huge role in Google’s user experience. There are various factors which affect the page speed of your web application. Using certain JavaScript code or host your web application on a shared server can help increase the response time of your web application. You can also use Google’s page speed tool for integrating the responsiveness.