Google made Kotlin the official programming language of Android in 2017.  Since then, the popularity of Kotlin programming language has been increasing among the IT community and app development world outstanding to the benefits of interoperability and maturity.

As Kotlin is a modern programming language with powerful features, it achieved popularity among web developers. Here is a list of the popular 10 applications written in Kotlin programming language.


Google has declared Kotlin as its first-class programming language for Android development officially. Not just that, but Google also uses Kotlin in their production code and persists their efforts to improve Kotlin experience. The giant is promoting Kotlin through Kotlin-friendly SDK, Android KTX, Kotlin examples in official documentation, and online Kotlin course.

Kotlin in Google


Coursera is an educational company providing open online courses conducted by remarkable universities and institutes to students all around the world. Coursera does not have separate Android and iOS organizations. They only have the concept of mobile and that is the reason why they decided to use Kotlin. Kotlin programming language is similar to Swift, a relatively new programming language for iOS development. This results in at ease knowledge sharing between engineers, better communication, and more efficient overall development.

Kotlin in Coursera


Pinterest is a popular and very unique image sharing service use Kotlin programming language in its Android app. Kotlin is the primary programming language for Android development at the company. It has helped engineers to write code clearly, quickly, and more accurately.

Kotlin in Pinterest


Trello, a leading collaboration tool which is used by millions of consumers worldwide to better organize projects via boards. Trello is extensively popular and allows users to organize anything.

Kotlin in Trello

Trello team uses Kotlin programming language for major functions and creating new features to leverage the benefits it has to offer.


Evernote uses Kotlin programming language for stability, clarity, and speed in its Android application. Evernote is a renowned application that is exclusively designed for note-taking and task management.

Kotlin in Evernote

With the advanced features offered by Kotlin, Evernote has included additional features such as handwritten notes scanning, web pages, photos, to-do lists, audio and more. This application is extremely popular among the business’s personnel and Kotlin programming language has increased its efficiency.


Slack is a prevalent business communication platform developed by Slack Technologies. It helps organizations and team members collaborate through chat rooms, private groups, and instant messaging. According to its tech stack, it uses Kotlin programming language in its android application environment.

Kotlin in Slack


Tinder is a prominent online dating application, known for its revolutionary approach to how new people meet and date. This unique giant uses Kotlin programming language in its production environment for crisp and clear code architecture.

Kotlin in Tinder


Uber is a legendary ride-sharing mobile application based company that extends ease of transportation to its users with the most interactive user interface. Uber chose Kotlin programming language for managing its internal tooling processes efficiently.

Kotlin in Uber

Summing up

Kotlin is still relatively a new programming language, but it is already being used by industry giants and top companies. There are also open-source projects, valued by developers, and all this proves that you can use the language successfully in developing applications and websites.