Lots Of web designers never think of using mobile apps to assist them in their work. But new mobile apps are being announced all the time, and it is easy to miss something that could greatly change the way you work for the better.

Let us explore the 11 free mobile apps every web designer MUST have that could make the web design work more productive, effective, and fun. And who wouldn’t want that after all?

FREE Mobile apps every web designer must have


Dribblbe has become the go-to place for web designers to share sneak peeks or ‘shots’ of the designs they’re working on, and welcome comments and discussions around them.

Dribbble mobile app

Available through the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Play store in Android, the new Dribbble app is completely free to download. It provides interactions like double-tap to ‘like’ and pull to refresh, as well as faster browsing, thus making Dribbble easy to use on your devices.


Adobe brings the very-popular Photoshop to the Android platform. But as to be expected, it has limited functionalities compared to its desktop counterpart although does include the essential basic image processing functions such as crop, rotate, filters, and image saturation adjustments. It also allows the web designer to share your work on Photoshop.com.

With Photoshop mobile app

Adobe XD Mobile

Adobe’s Experience Design CC or Adobe XD is a wireframing and prototyping tool that has established itself as a key part of the Creative Cloud. And its complementary mobile app allows the web designer to preview their designs on both iOS and Android devices.

Adobe XD in mobile app

If you are using Adobe XD on macOS, you can make design and prototyping changes on the desktop and see them mirrored in real time on all mobile devices connected through USB. Alternatively, both macOS and Windows 10 users can load Adobe XD documents from Creative Cloud Files. The Adobe XD app is available to download for free from the App Store for iOS or via Google Play for Android making it extremely convenient for the web designers.

Hours Tracker

HoursTracker is a free time-tracking app, a savior for all web designers.

Hours Tracker mobile app

This app will come in handy if you bill design clients on a per-hour basis. For other web designers, it can simply be used as a method to keep yourself accountable. If your goal is to work a certain number of hours in a day, a time tracker will ensure you are committed to it. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Google Apps

Google Apps are a MUST-HAVE for anyone wanting to communicate with team members, partners, and clients quickly and securely. By the way, the access to Google Apps extends beyond Gmail, too.

All the google apps

This will enable you to maintain creating documents, storing files in shared locations, and communicating with others irrespective of where you are.


A very popular app for web designers and other creatives, Dropbox, the global cloud-based file backup tool lets the web designer to access a remote folder with documents you have stored on the server. Simply save files on one computer and you’ll be able to access the saved files from any computer or mobile device.

Dropbox mobile app

The free Android app extends you a mobile access to your Dropbox account. Dropbox is also available for iOS. It is a MUST-HAVE tool for those who work with files and documents that need to be shared across several computers and devices.


InVision is a tool you already utilize to enhance your web design workflows.

Invision Mobile app

With this mobile app, a web designer can build prototypes and sketches and share them with their respective team and clients. It is not just a great design tool, but it is greatly helpful when it comes to more effectively communicating and collaborating.

Adobe Scan

Adobe has a fabulous set of mobile apps web designers should be taking advantage of, and Adobe Scan is one of them.

Adobe Scan mobile app

With this app is available in both android and iOS thus, the web designer can copy and convert any image into a PDF conveniently. This would be great for storing receipts from work-related travel. This could also be used to scan hand-drawn wireframes or sketches. You could even use this to capture a prospective client’s business card on the go, so you have a digital copy of their contact information for later purposes.