Enhancing the security system across the globe!

Face recognition has become an integral part of our daily lives and has become highly preferable as a part of enhancing one’s security. Most of the personal devices now have ‘face unlock’ where the system enables only the owner or whose face it recognizes to use the device.

Face recognition/ Facial Recognition is a technology-based capability that verifies an individual’s identity using a camera and stored data in the system. The software is based on algorithms that detect the distinct features of the individual simultaneously memorising it in the data to later distinguish it from the other individuals. 

Benefits of using Face/Facial Recognition 

Facial recognition has perpetually become a trend but has its own cherishable attributes which are favoured eventually by one and all. 

  • Assured Security: Face Recognition application aims at delivering high-level security; therefore is now opted by security systems specifically in the U.S and China. The technology is used by government and banking & finance companies as well to provide security services to their customers and to protect their data. 

  • Database Creation: It also helps in preparing database storage by future usage. For instance, Japan and other developed countries’ governments are now using this face recognised database to attach it with the driver’s licence for future usage and easy identification of the driver. 

  • Smooth Functioning: Both the software and application are lightweight in nature and run smoothly across different devices. It can also work in both online and offline mode. And; can be easily integrated with multiple applications. 

Facial Recognition

How does it work?

Face Recognition algorithms capture more than just features. It is programmed in a manner which enables it to capture all the unique factors of a face and that too from multiple angels. For example, it also measures and memorizes the distance between an individual’s eyes and mouth. It works similarly like a 2D or a 3D model where the face print of the individuals are recorded and stored from different angles. The application is completely able to disregard the ageing factor as well as it memorizes features that do not change with time. Later, when the data is stored in the device, the application can easily recognise the individual even through an image or a video and can distinguish between multiple individuals as well. And all it takes is perfect coding to enable such a platform to serve as a service for you. 

Wondering about having one for yourself?

CreateBytes is a multifaceted studio offering: design, marketing, tech, product & application development aids and solutions. Our team is an expert in setting up codes, algorithms for programs to function smoothly across multiple platforms. Our Face Recognition software/ application is capable of memorising even the minute of the details which makes it different as compared to the other available readily. Also, it functions easily across different devices and is developed using highly technical platforms like Python, OpenCV, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML)