First thing First, What is Web Development Tools?

Web Development Tools, like its name suggests, are software that allows the web developers to write, test and debug code. It is also known as DevTools where the web development software via its browser add-ons helps in the building of the web portals or applications. These tools are used alongside the technical languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and others to improve the productivity and efficiency to the website or the applications.

Like the new change of web designs, these development tools keep on upgrading or there is a totally new one in the market. Let’s check out the best ones for 2020

Top Web Development Tools in 2020

Novi Builder

Novi Builder Logo

Any experienced web developer would know that one of the most trending among the web developers these days is the Novi Builder that allows various facilities to the web developers:

  1. Drag and Drop building facility
  2. Allows source code and advance code editor
  3. Full control of the online project is in the hands of the developer.
  4. App integration made easy; like e-commerce.
  5. Numerous themes are available and changes in the design can be done as well
  6. Preview Tool

Creative Tim

Creative Tim Logo

Creative Tim is best suited for timely deliveries and for agile methodology. It comes up with a bootstrap based design through which you can quickly build a website and mobile apps.

  1. The easiest and quickest way of building web pages.
  2. Comes up with the templates for some aesthetically pleasing designs.
  3. The facility of Admin dashboard is offered to regulate the process of changes in the website without any extra efforts.
  4. Offers premade sections and elements to reduce time and speed up the building process.
  5. Lastly, offers admin template for easy access.


AngularJS logo

 AngularJS is highly recommended for people who are working on the front-end development of the website or the mobile application. Following are the features of the same:

  1. Extends a helping hand in creating web applications and websites via HTML syntax.
  2. Being open-source, it is completely free of cost and is, therefore, used and recommended by thousands of developers.
  3. Developers are given the choice to write a client-side application using JavaScript and MVC.
  4. Allows to create RICH Internet Application
  5. Helps in building accessible, readable and expressive, thus, making it user-friendly.

ONE Subscription

ONE Subscription logo

Looking for developing a top-quality digital product? Then, One Subscription is one of the best options for you as it incorporates the following traits:

  1. One time subscription for the whole year.
  2. Thousands of templates available to download and make interface aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Apart from templates, various kinds of customization, graphic elements and installations are available.
  4. All sorts of support including security and regular up-gradation.


Sass Logo

Sass: a mature and reliable tool meant for robust front-end development is a comprehensive version of CSS consents to the following services to its user:

  1. Permits language extension like variables, nesting and mixins.
  2. Authorizes to well-formatted and customized output.
  3. Incorporates advance features like control directive for libraries.
  4. Availability of variant colours and values.


GitHub Logo

A new age web development tool, GitHub helps the developers to sort any type of errors or difficulty throughout the development procedure and even after that. Following are the traits of GitHub:

  1. Because of its new age, it understands the emerging difficulties and declines the chances of error attached to it.
  2. Developers can co-ordinate via web project management tool rendered by GitHub.
  3. Ensures smooth documentation and quality coding process.
  4. Permits all code in a single place.
  5. Direct usage of repositories for the developers to host documentation.


jQuerry Logo

One of the most popular among web developers, JQuery is extensively used for JavaScript library to support the development and multiple other elements. The features of JQuery are:

  1. Open Source web development tool making it free of cost.
  2. Easy downloading and consumes less storage space.
  3. Renders support for remarkable documentation.
  4. Facilitates to create an interactive web application as well.
  5. Offers a potent theme mechanism.

Node Package Manager

NPM Logo

Also known as NPM is the Node Package Manager for JavaScript and a platform that allows the reuse of codes. Following are the features of NPM:

  1. Uncover and reuse over 470,000 free codes available in their registry.
  2. Permits the usage of public as well as private codes on the same workflow.
  3. NPM publishes and controls access to the namespace.
  4. Lastly, an easy to understand and apply a way for web development procedure.

HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML Boilerplate

This web development tool helps in developing the website or the application from the scratch and that too in a robust manner; and, renders the following features alongside:

  1. Mainly, it allows developers to use HTML5 elements.
  2. Permits the normalization of CSS.
  3. Offers to use the optimized version of Google Universal Analytics and snippet.
  4. Provides protection against JavaScript errors in old browsers.
  5. Lastly, it is designed with an open mind considering the everyday requirements of a web developer.

Summing Up:

All the above-mentioned tools have been selected after much scrutiny and they can render a helping hand to any web developer. But in the end, it is the experience and expertise of a web developer that will eventually result in a robust and smooth website or smooth application. So my advice to you will be to choose wisely both your developer and your development tool.