Hiration became a pertinent client for CreateBytes at the beginning of 2020 where we shook our hands to build a website for them that could help them deliver their services online and that too in a smooth manner.

About Hiration

Hiration is a platform that delivers career-related services to its client. They are trying to change the stereotypes related to job seekers as it is presumed that a company has a plethora of options to look for hiring a right candidate for the desired role but when it comes to a job seeker- he/she has to be on their own. Hiration dreams of being a backbone to such professionals who possess’ excellent talent, knowledge and required skill set and are looking for a great opportunity. Hiration helps such professionals by giving them the right consultancy and helping them to build a right resume online with the help of expert services. It is a known fact that one’s resume decides whether you are going for the job interview or not and Hiration helps you to clear that first step of yours.


Hiration required a website that could be served as a web-based platform to serve their prospective clients. Their demand was pretty clear that they were looking for a website that was a perfect fusion of professionalism and creativity. Further, they asked for design templates that will be used by their team to build professional resumes for their clients.

How CreateBytes helped

Before we could start with the basic ideation plan our project manager worked on a road map using the agile methodology to deliver the project on time. Next, our team sat together and had a brainstorm to collect all the ideas that could work flawlessly for the web design of Hiration. Our team came up with the amalgamation of ideas that could lead to a web design that was aesthetically pleasing and professional as well. Further our design worked hard on creating a User Interface that was designed considering all the aspects of the user experience. Following points were kept in mind by the designers:

  1. The user experience should be of utmost importance as it is going to be a web-based platform.
  2. The design theme should be decided considering the vision of the client.
  3. The logo should be easy to remember and relatable as well.
  4. The templates should be such that they serve the purpose completely. Plus, there should be a variety from which their team can pick according to the client they are serving.

End Results

  1. Web Design

Our team came up with a design theme that presented professionalism sparkled with creativity. Colours like red, blue and yellow were concentrated upon with a white background. Further, the images, CTA buttons, typography were closely looked upon and selected to match the design theme and the requirement of the client.   

Web Design for Hiration

  1. Logo for Hiration

The logo has to be something that can become the face for your brand. And, what is better than the brand name itself. Our logo designing team worked on the doted-icon and the font size and colour to go for the logo of the company. The thought behind choosing the same was to be simple, realistic and match the modern trends of the logo designing.

Logo Design for Hiration

  1. Templates for Resume

Our team prepared a variety of templates with multiple colour scheme from which the Hiration team can select depending upon the requirement of their client. Further, these templates are customized as their team can choose any colour or template style depending upon the choice of their client.


Templates for Hiration

Working with Hiration gave us a new spectrum to explore our web designing capabilities. And, if you need help with any of your projects you can contact us and to read further about our services in the field of web and app designing, click here.