Knock - Knock, who is there? An invite to join Clubhouse!

The clubhouse is a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations—with friends and other fascinating people around the globe. Go online anytime to make conversation with the people you follow or jump in as a listener and listen to what others are discussing.

The hype about the application can not be put into adequate words but the addiction to the exposure is undeniable. The application has gained quite a bit of interest from the many intellectuals, entertaining, and enthralling conversations that have been held premium on the app. What puts this application separately from other social systems is that it works with the voice to encourage authentic, significant connections with people from all paces of life. One minute you can be in a room with your favorite influencer discussing their digital journey, the next you could be attending a free live concert from your favorite artist. The app is truly flexible in its content and is proving to be the talk of the town.

The queen of all media, Oprah Winfrey, has given her blessing to Clubhouse along with her prolonged-time best friend Gayle King. Moreover, it has become a privileged platform to hear from megastars such as Drake, Tiffany Haddish, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, and Chris Rock.

With a million followers and calculating even now, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has used his Clubhouse account to talk about everything from the spirit of virtual reality and augmented reality to the future of technology.

The clubhouse is all amazing and earning the hearts of a huge number of users, but is its User Experience and User Interface up to fame?

Let us have a look and consider the brownie and bitter gourd sides of the application!


With the excitement of Clubhouse, there are more than a few topics around this application such as potential business, marketing strategy, the AI they use. Observing and analyzing a few of them, here are some exciting insights and reflections with another dimension of the app, design theory.

Grab a seat and hop on to a ride for an adventure, let us dig in!


Want to join the clubhouse? Fill in the details and wait for someone to let you in. Emphasizing the invitation, self-onboarding is not a feature of the clubhouse yet. Somebody being an existing member of the application needs to invite you and then approve your registration to let you in the application. Th catch is they get cake points for making you a member on board. Getting acknowledged on your profile, your followers will be seeing "who nominated you". Do not worry, you can get it too, the more you spend time on the app, the more invitations and further recognition you earn.

Clubhouse Invite


Clubhouse’s straightforward and comfortable UI delivers new users with a minimal understanding curve to begin using the app. This works a massive part in the app’s growth because it calls for users to hop right into the enjoyment. The application engages the use of emojis to portray a variety of conditions within the app. The party popper next to new users' names, for example, indicates they are newbies. The icons used, such as the ring for notifications and the calendar for events, are also comprehensive. Need not share the rooms on different social networks, you can easily pin your friends into the spaces you like and know they will relish too.

Clubhouse UI/UX


Clubhouse UX/UI


Most of the users can vouch for the opinion that Clubhouse makes the process pretty intuitive. This is crucial to the app’s triumph as there are no complex features or motives for the application. Once you have logged in, you are brought to the "hallway", a collection of different chat rooms with their topics displayed at the top and speakers/listeners in the room being displayed right underneath. One click, and you are immersed in conversation. Want to speak something and be a part of the conversation? Raise your hand! Want to give an appreciation? Flash your mike! Need a break? Leave the room quietly! Wish to start your own space about any particular issue? Start it with ease, choose the audience, have a catchy name, and moderate your audience with a good discussion, learning, and fruitful experience overall.


Apart from the ultimate experience with the chat audio, it also offers to link your Instagram and Twitter handle to your profile. You can write a super cool and expressive bio with all your accomplishments, opinions, designations, description, and well, as creative as you can get and want to be. But one limitation is that you can integrate the professional networks.  The clubhouse as much as is a space for entertainment is exclusively in growth to develop professional connections for your career. You will find amazing people who have so much to share with you and offer you, the best part being you can always follow them in the rooms and listen to their wisdom. But to take it outside to a more stabilized network, LinkedIn integration or mail CTA could have been a cherry on top.


Cool thing is that you can speak with founders, influencers, and celebrities-cannot do that on any social media apps. The clubhouse provides another way for influencers to connect with followers more authentically and exclusively. Can you imagine being in the same space as Elon Musk or Drake? Not only from your country but literally from all around the world, you can talk to such inspiring people. From successful entrepreneurs, famous artists, industry leaders, and people who are still on a journey to success, you can talk about everything and anything.

The audience is what makes you or breaks you, considering this many hustling or successful people utilize this application to attract more followers and have a meaningful address to them on a huge scale.


Anyone that follows you on Clubhouse can see what room you are in at all times. A little privacy in the hands of users will bring no harm, instead will develop authenticity, reliability, and trustworthiness over the application. Spontaneously in conversations, new opinions and points made are likely to turn the conversation away from its initial subject. Fulfilling a way to change room titles would be a great way to simulate the normal flow of conversation. The power to present questions to speakers while off-stage will be a fantastic way to make sure everyone’s voice remains to be considered.


The clubhouse has been an addiction so far for millions of users, its functions, features, exclusivity, and premium efforts have won the hearts of gazillion users. The challenges ahead are quite a few, but we believe with industry trends, customer-centered design, alterations to more privacy, and a few more benefits, the clubhouse app can do wonders.

If you are also the type of person who concentrates better in a café due to the reason of right level of ambient noise triggers our minds to think more creatively, Try the Clubhouse!

- Harvard business review.