There is a perfect team behind anything that needs to be built perfectly

Website design and development work on the same parameters where there are a design and a development team collectively building a website. The development of a website is further divided amongst various experts who work on the front end and back end of the website. 

Before beginning to distinguish between the two, it becomes mandatory to underline the demand for a full stack developer that has also arisen in the market. Therefore, this article will distinguish the two and will also shed a light on Full Stack Development as well. 

What is Front End Development?

Also known as Client-Side, frontend development looks after the visible elements of the site like font, text, design and structure. Front End Developers solely work on the visible portions of a website where the client interacts via a browser. The front end works on the layout designed by the UI developer and reviews the layout from the client’s interface point of view. The UI developer’s priority is to make an aesthetically appealing page whereas the front end developers job is to make that designing user friendly. Whatever the client/user sees going on a web page is produced by a frontend developer using a set of languages in which his command over those languages is a must. And; these languages are:

HTML: HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a language that becomes a backbone for any web page. Essentials of a content structuring are done using this language. 

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) ensures the physique development of a website whereupon the font, sizing, colour, background images and even the design of the content is taken into consideration. 

JavaScript: Made by Netscape, Javascript is used for making a dynamic website where the developer adds effects which may include graphics, rollover structures and other animations to attract the user and enhance the presentable quality of a webpage.  

Other essential Skill Set required for Front End Development

Requires learning around these various frameworks:

JQuery, Ajax, AngularJS, EmberJS, Foundation, Bootstrap, and Backbone.

What is Back End Development?

Just like in a play which has a strong and hard-working team working at a backstage leading it to become pleasing for the audience, there is a back end developer who builds a back for the UI (User Interface) to work smoothly. A perfect skill set in terms of coding and programming is a must known for the developer to build a robust back end of a website. 

Back End Developers work behind the scenes but they are finally responsible for the smooth functioning of the Front End. They too have a set of programming languages to master:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Python

Other than these major platforms, back end developers need to work with some other third libraries as well, like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and .Net. The foremost requirement for a back end developer is to establish a good understanding with the front end developer in order to make the perfectly programmed code for the front end. 


Lastly, What is Full Stack Development? 

Just like the title indicates, a full stack developer has the full practice as well as theoretical knowledge of both the front end and back end development of a website. He has to be a complete encyclopedia of web development libraries so that he can eventually work on both the front end and back end of a website. 

A Full Stack Developer is given the project which needs to be developed from scratch. From project building to later on managing the same, a full stack developer is assigned to be responsible for the whole project.

Skill Set Requirement:

  • Should have knowledge of Front End development languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Should have knowledge of Back End Development languages: PHP, Python, Ruby

  • Apart from the above two requirements, he is also expected to have knowledge of project management, web design, user experience skill to finally achieve the title of Full Stack Developer.