Good e-commerce user experience is the key to success of an online shop. Besides good design, your website should be convenient for the users. Let’s talk about it.

Ever since The Internet became a thing, there was an urge to make the profit out of it. The most apparent way was to set up digital versions of the general purpose and niche-specific stores. The logic behind is simple: if it a thing in the real world, why shouldn’t it be a thing in a digital space?

Good UX in eCommerce website

At the very start, it was a gamble on every turn. The whole thing was an undiscovered country with no established principles or winning formulas. But rapidly it became obvious that people love buying things online. More and more online shops appeared. And thus, started the great industry known as eCommerce.

So, it becomes really important for the designers to program and design it in the way that it can cater to a large number of audiences and for that the design of the website or application becomes an integral part for the designers to work on.

The role of design in E-commerce websites for an engaging UX

Around 80% all e-commerce businesses fail. And there are three common reasons why customers may avoid using your E-commerce website.

  1. Customers don’t know how to use your site
  2. Product value isn’t clear
  3. Navigation is difficult

So, User Experience design part plays the vital role. Carefully thought-out logic and transitions, simple and clear interactions, quick feedbacks, pleasing product presentation, easy payment stream and a lot of other details can directly impact increasing profits for the company engaged in such a widely held e-commerce competition. This is the place where designers and business experts can work as one team for the excellence of everyone, first of the target audience.

Designing e-Commerce website or application, designers should consider the following aspects:

Designing eCommerce website

Operating Simplicity

The website and the shopping experience it provides, needs to be as simple as possible in its usability. A real let-down is when a shopper is left mystifying over what should be done next to complete the process. Always keep it simple and key roles should stand out from the rest of the page

operational Simplicity in eCommerce website

Security of User’s Data

Security of user’s data plays a vital role in creating a goodwill, if the user doesn’t feel that his purchases, saved payment information like Debit/Credit card details are not safe then it will be a major set back for the user, so it is really important that to build a user trust.

Security of User's Data

Effective Use of Visual Elements

Shoppers usually trust other people’s views and experiences more than they do a product's messaging. Ecommerce stores are taking advantage of this phenomenon by crowdsourcing user-made content and showcasing it in their feed. apparent data presentation through menus, catalogs etc.

Effective use of Visual Elements

User’s Ability to Leave Feedback About Goods and Services

One of the key goals of an e-commerce website is to provide topmost customer experience to every user. The whole relationship starts with the understanding of your brand culminating into purchases and feedback. When it comes to boosting sales and conversion for your e-commerce website, the user experience is first step to the success. By enhancing the user experience, e-commerce owners can add up value to their websites which improve conversions and sales. 

In Conclusion

Despite not being openly connected with the company, User Interface / User Experience design is one of the important factors in a profitable development of an eCommerce field. It forms the way platform is used on every step - from early overviews to the purchase activity. Therefore, E-commerce UI/UX should not be taken lightly, as their enhancement or neglection can result in the market's ensuing growth or downfall.