Have you come upon any name for your startup? Have you named your brand? Oh… So, what will be the name of your company?

These are the questions that all the startup entrepreneurs come across. And, trust me it indeed is difficult to come up with a perfect name; after all, there is everything in a name. It is one of the most important decisions you have to make and definitely tops your priority list.  Coming up with a perfect brand name can become a tedious job and one that you may need to do many times if you are not updated with the current norms and standards to choose one.

Why is your Brand Name important?

Coca-Cola, Netflix, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Domino’s, KFC, Amazon, Rolex, and Nike and so on, these names surround us. They have become an everyday part of our communication as if they are natural to our everyday lives. We discuss these names, associate with them and this is what brand name does to a business. It gives you face value. It gives a name, an identity to live and grow with. And, each and everything/one needs an identity to live with. It carries more weight than you might have ever thought.

How to choose a perfect Brand Name?

Choosing a brand name can be a tedious job unless and until you have a go-to plan. This blog will help you come up with actually what you are looking for and how to get the right name. Just follow the tips given below:

1.     Research and Get Inspired

Inspiration can help anyone to give a kick start. Each and every designer, strategist, analytic or researcher will recommend you to get inspiration from your surroundings so that you don’t fall from the bench. Learn from what you already have. Read about how big companies came up with their brand names that they are now part of the society.

2.     Think of Unique and Simple

process of choosing a brand name

Once, you have taken the inspiration now you can spread your creative wing and start thinking. Remember that you are allowed to think of unique terminology but also you have to keep it simple as you don’t want that your name should be difficult to remember. It should easily blend with any language or the phonetics of the same shouldn’t be hard to pronounce.

3.     Makes Some Sense

The brand name should be such that it should link with your business. Your business and its purpose should be somehow revealed in the same. For example, you can choose metaphors or signifiers to explain your business. Try to establish a connection between your business and your brand name.  Also, check the meaning behind your selected name as well, because more than one business has faced embarrassment in the international market as their business name turned out to be an obscene word in the other language.

4.     Check Availability

This may sound like an obvious thing but many times this happens that the business owners do not confirm the same and later land up in trouble while registration or purchasing the domain name. Also, there are both governmental and private sites available to help you identify with which names are already taken and which are not. Domain Name availability and registration in India can be done at this link, click here.

5.     Choose Suffix wisely

“.com”, “.net”, “.org” or any other standard suffix of your country, there are multiple options available for you but choose wisely. “.com” is globally accepted and is applicable to all types of businesses whereas “.org” is generally preferred by governmental or non-profit organizations. Read and understand all types of suffixes carefully and choose one for you after much thought and research.

6.     Test and Take Feedback

take feedback on your brand name

Conducting a survey will only benefit you in understanding whether you are going in the right direction or not. Take help from your potential customers or people who do not know about you or your business plans and ask them to review your brand name. After this small activity, you will get a clear picture as to what your brand will be perceived in the market.


Lastly, selecting a brand name can be a tiring process therefore; there is no shame in asking or taking help from the outsiders. With your ideas and vision, experienced branding consultants will be able to help you get what you have in mind.