Channelling a Perfect App Environment for End Users!

We are living in an era where companies are trying to embed IoT technology into everything. IoT has become a word of the decade and it has created a landmark in enhancing user experience and business performance. IoT can be embedded into anything and by anything, we truly mean anything. Let it be sensor-enabled buildings, smart vehicles, appliances, devices, or wearables like the Apple Watch, Google Glass, and Fitbit, IoT has found a hole to enter into every known space. Do you know that even mobile apps in your smartphone can be powered through IoT to deliver an enhanced user experience? “IoT impacting the mobile industry” has become a trending statement in the town today and we are going to address this here as well. In this blog, we are going to dive deep into the facts behind this statement and realize the undeniable existence of IoT in the mobile industry. We will conclude with a list of the most popular IoT-based mobile applications in the market. Let’s begin now.

Discussing the Impact of IoT-Powered Mobile Applications on User Experience

#Centralized Hybrid Mobile App Development using IoT

Are you also one of the tech savages who like to design and innovate mobile applications. If yes, then you probably know about hybrid app development. IoT technology offers a lot of solutions that streamline our everyday interactions by presenting a centralized platform that makes devices easily manageable.

#IoT Adds a Cost Advantage to the Development Process

IoT has gathered immense attention as a potential budget-friendly option by allowing app developers to provide services at an affordable price. Cost has always gained a higher priority in the app development process. You can increase your savings by integrating IoT into app development so that it won’t hit hard on the customer’s pocket.

#Attaining Business Heights

IoT-based mobile apps ensure the display of real-time information about product shipments, health monitoring, and other activities to provide users with comfort and ease to perform hassle-free tasks. Positive feelings from app users will be triggered due to the consistency of the apps, creating a potentially loyal customer.

#Elevating Security to Minimize Threats

As a vast amount of information and data gets stored and processed in mobile applications, the cases of data breaches and cybertheft are very common today. Cybercriminals can find a way to access this data and lower down your organization’s social reputation. Therefore, app developers use IoT to add multiple layers of security.

#Solving Data Storage Problems using IoT

IoT has eliminated the need for accessing data storage for real-time metrics reporting and analysis. This is an era of computing and big data analytics is about to take a leap forward utilizing IoT solutions. How will users benefit from this? A higher level of accuracy and better efficiency in predictions.

#Safety of the Workplace

Business organizations can efficiently monitor high-risk environments using IoT-powered mobile applications. IoT helps in creating a secure workplace for employees. Tackling potential threats in a short duration of time is a hectic task but it has been made easy by analyzing data collected from IoT devices and apps.

#Understanding Customer Behavior Easily

IoT-based mobile applications and devices are handy to find out relevant statistics and data about customers with the use of video surveillance, mobile internet, social media, and GPS devices. For example, Seamless payment processes, easier return processes, and faster shipping notifications are provided by an IoT-based mobile e-commerce app.

Flaming IoT Apps in the 2020 Market

  • Aarogya Setu (Developed by the Government of India to combat deadly Coronavirus)
  • Amazon Go No Checkout Store
  • QueueHop
  • Nest
  • Pawscout Pet Finder
  • Cobra Code
  • Blossom

In a Nutshell

With Industry 4.0 just about to bring a revolution in the tech industry, it is no vague statement that IoT is going to change its dynamics completely! There is not even a 1% doubt that because of IoT, the mobile industry has seen a rise in the past few years.

Since even an 8-years old carry a mobile phone today due to its convenience, a lot needs to be improved. Well, IoT can improve the mobile app technology benefiting businesses and app developers too.