Have you ever seen a brand without a logo? No…Right? Because there aren’t any brands that are without a logo. It is a logo that gives a face to the brand or to a company. A logo makes a business human and renders it the capability to communicate with its buyer/user. For any business to possess a face in the market, it becomes essential to have a logo or to get a logo designed for their brand because people usually memorize your brand name by your brand logo.

Why is a logo essential for a business?

Great logos can prove to be a game-changer for your business. Can you imagine companies like Apple, Addidas, Nike, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola or Mercedes without their logo? We know them all by heart. As soon as we see their logo we know which brand they belong to. That is the magic which can be created by a good Logo Design. A logo design will give you:

  • A logo will give your business a more professional front
  • A logo will help your customer to memorize your brand
  • A logo will emphasize you as a tough competitor
  • Lastly, a logo will give your business an aesthetic appeal

Types of Logo Designs

  1. Monogram Logos
  2. Wordmarks or Logotypes
  3. Pictorial Marks
  4. Abstract Logo Marks
  5. Mascots
  6. The Combination Mark
  7. The Emblem

Steps to follow for designing a Logo:

Step-1:  Understand your brand identity

A perfect logo design comprises of the eloquent brand identity in it. And, to reveal a perfect logo it becomes requisite for the logo designer to initially understand the brand or the vision around it. Consider yourself as an artist who will paint the story of your brand in the logo. And, with this vision in your mind collect all the things you thought of while fabricating your brand.

Step-2:  Look for inspiration

There is a story behind every logo and to get inspired for your logo designing story you need to explore multiple stories to discover yours. For example, have you ever wondered why the logo for Facebook is blue and white in colour? It is so because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind because of which he sees everything blue. Therefore, the logo is blue. Apart, from the stories the logo designers can par-take inspiration from sites like Dribble, Behance, Muzli Search and Design Inspiration.

Step-3: Brainstorm with the Words/Letters

Given a variety of logo styles, you are free to pick on any style you like. And, if you decide to incorporate words in your logo then even then you can make choice between a single letter or initials or a whole word. But what needs to be made sure is that your logo design should showcase your brand identity. And, for that, you need to have a little conversation with your client from where you can pick up words for the same.

Step-4: Start Sketching Your Logo

As soon as the above-given steps are completed, the logo designer should begin with sketching the logo. Ideate your multiple ideas on the paper/board and take feedback on them from your colleagues or anyone near you to select or make changes in them if required, before you take them one step further.

Step-5: Give your Sketch a Visual Makeover

This step will focus on multiple aspects of the design theme which you need to select for your logo design.

Work on Typography

Between hundreds of fonts available, you need to select on for your design. Also, you are free to play with the alphabets or multiple words of a logo in which you can play with the size, colour or font. And while you pick one, make sure that the words even in multiple sizes should be readable by all.

 Understand the Colour Psychology

Color theme for Logo Designing

A sign of a perfect logo designer is highlighted through the visual appearance of the design. And, in that colour theme plays a vital role. Understand the colour wheel in the best possible manner and decide whether you want to go for warm or bright tones, monochromatic or complementary shades, one or two or three shades at a time. It totally depends on how you and your client envisioned it.

Step-6: Lastly, Ensure Scalability

Logos once unleashed will become the face for your company and they will be available in various ways and platforms which will include a website on a laptop, phone, and tablets or in print form like reports, quotations, letters and many more. Therefore, it becomes evident to ensure the scalability of your logo design and make certain that the logo design will not get hindered once it moves to some other platform. You can create a vector image for the same to make it look perfect in all the sizes.

Finally, a few tips for you to follow while Logo Designing

  1. Always create multiple designs before finalising one so that you know all other variants for the same.

  2. Ensure taking client feedback at multiple times in order to provide a perfect logo design.

  3. Always create a vector image for the logo to ensure that it looks good in all sizes.

  4. Use negative space wisely, it has the power to create or break the image of your logo design.

  5. Stick to one or two fonts.

  6. Unless and until there is a demand, never include more than three colours in your design.

  7. Don’t use photos in your design. It will become outdated soon and may become trouble while using it on multiple platforms.