Each day, masses of individuals swap messages with others via messaging apps. Large amounts of private information and data are being collected and stored. People be concerned about data secrecy in their messaging apps, but their views about messaging app security don’t always match reality. Ever since this data privacy has come into the notion, people have been exploring safe and secure options to deal with. People have been trying to build an application that would be safe from snooping.

Telegram is an application that works as a messenger. it's a text, image, and video sharing interface, that secures all the paths of communication except for group messages. Incredibly smart, this operates through encrypted clouds to guard the thought. One can found out the accounts with their telephone number, a bit like other messaging applications. There's an entirely new choice to share files, data, stickers, and more. There's even an option of self-destruction if the users provide the command like that.

36% percent of respondents gave Telegram a high rating when asked to rate its security on a scale of 1-5. this is often excellent news for Telegram, considering that its use isn't as widespread as other messaging apps. It’s important to notice, however, that encryption is merely optional with Telegram.

Moving ahead to the design aspect of the application, the user experience and user interface of the application is filled with pros and cons.

To discuss a brief view, here are some researched design perspectives about Telegram and its design approach!

Telegram app


The difference between a good app and a bad app is generally the quality of its user experience. A good UX is what disconnects successful apps from unsuccessful ones. Today, mobile users expect a lot from an app: fast loading time, ease of use, and delight during an interaction. Telegram is one trending application for messaging, the virtual talk aspect of our lives holds strangely a huge part of our life and let us see if telegram can be seen fulfilling the criteria of a good designer application or not!

Telegram UI/UX


Visuals play a key role when it comes to design catching the eye of users. Have you heard of images coming to life? GIF may give you that experience. Now a lot of applications have this GIF feature, but the difficulty is to explore through the options of numerous. Telegram manages this in a different, more instinctive way. You just have to write "@gif" combined with a search term and suggestions pop up, which you can then scroll through. You stay in the same window so your conversation flow isn't suspended, and you can still see the previous messages. Great for excessive gif usage!


Telegram pc or Telegram mobile? Telegram can be found on both and in addition, it is known to work incredibly on all the platforms. With Telegram the switch from one device to another is smooth. It’s also nice that the desktop version can be used as a detached app. No more combining and annoying waiting for your laptop to reach your phone. These little experience highlights make all the variation in the end because waiting causes the most dissatisfaction!

Telegram app features


Telegram offers a variety of features to stand a point. For starters, starting a group channel, private channel, and a secret group! As much as the features are like the other messenger applications.

When somebody signs in, the server provides a notification to the contacts. It is like a grand gesture for your entry!

Other features are notifications, chat, storage, and a few more. With a little bit of photoshop skills, you can build your own sticker sets! Telegram provides a template for this so you can download, modify, and later upload your stickers to telegram via the Sticker bot!

Absolute best, is the sassy bio, cool display picture and a funky username opportunity for you!

Telegram app profile


User Interface in the application Telegram can be a win to an extent. The choice of colors is comforting, positive, and convincing to rely upon, according to the requirements of a messenger app. The telegram app design has a favorable set of icons and typography that align together to give the application that awesomeness! As much as the minimalism and clarity of design are appreciated for the Telegram app UI UX, the convenience and comfort to use it are equally plausible! From Telegram app login to Telegram pc and Telegram mobile service, the user interface is quite satisfying!

Telegram app interface


Scams in tech are one of the worst concerns for users. Telegram often results in unknown text messages from stranger users that can leave you frightened. Spotting the nearby feature can also be a setback in many cases. On such review is, "The encryption services are lacking, since not all messages from end to end are encrypted. Does not offer support for hosting or holding group calls”.

The tech is always evolving and so does the applications, to maintain their place in the trend! As beneficial as it is to join the various helpful Telegram channels and connect to a huge number of people, some fixes can be altered to get the application a better rank!