AR Turning Vision into Reality!

Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging field and it is set to have a big impact on every single known industry. From education to manufacturing, we are about to witness an AR revolution that will not only change how the industry works but also provides a way of turning vision into reality. Just think, what if the training of the medical staff of a hospital or armed forces personnel can be done using the AR setup. It provides the experience of being trained in a real-world field. A number of medical practitioners all around the globe used to gain experience in surgery through Augmented Reality. India’s education system needs a lot of improvement. AR can enhance classroom learning significantly by introducing concepts through smart labs. In this blog, we are going to discuss all of these things in a unique way. It is a scientifically proven fact that visuals are more effective than text. You learn better from 5 images than 1000 words! Therefore, the majority of content in this blog is visuals to enhance grasping of the subject matter. After all, we are talking about Augmented Reality.

A Brief Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) first takes a real-world environment and then adds a computer-generated input to it. Several parts from both of the environments, real and augmented, can interact together and even digitally manipulated. Therefore, AR can simply be defined as an amalgamation of both of the worlds. It renders a 3D registration of real and virtual objects.

Take a look over the top 10 real-world AR applications in 2020.


“AR revolutionizing medical training.”

use of Augmented Reality in Medical Treatment

  • Operating MRI types of equipment

  • Performing complex surgeries

  • Learning human anatomy

  • Medical training

  • Creating digital 3D images

Design & Modeling

“AR set to have a big impact on the design industry."

Use of augment reality in designing & modeling

  • Interior designing
  • Finalizing products
  • Making virtual on-the-spot changes
  • Preparing design layouts
  • 3D product designing and modelling


“Classroom learning will be more fun using AR.”

use of augmented reality in education industry

  • Enhancing the learning experience
  • Making dynamic science models
  • Creating fun facts overlays
  • Digital rendering of the chapters
  • Smart labs and classes

Armed Forces

“AR platforms as front wheels in armed forces training.”

use of augmented reality in armed forces

  • Shooting practice
  • Flight training
  • Improving night vision
  • Targeting enemy
  • Developing hearing aids


“AR will scale up the entertainment game in 2020.”

use of augmented reality in entertainment industry

  • Enhancing customer experience
  • 3D product recommendations
  • Virtual gaming
  • Providing FPP experience
  • Creating realistic video effects

Broadcasting & Advertising

“Say no to safety and security Issues.”

use of augmented reality in advertising industry

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Boosting customer engagement
  • Digital delivery
  • Improved storytelling
  • Making interactive catalogues


“Shopping won’t ever be the same now.”

use of augmented reality in retail industry

  • Price and quality comparison
  • Product customization
  • Maintaining good customer relationships
  • Face-mapping technology
  • Print and video marketing


“AR has arrived to change our construction layouts.”

use of augmented reality in construction & architecture

  • Making city maps and layouts
  • Repairing complex types of equipment
  • Visualizing proposed designs
  • Identifying constructability issues
  • Enabling remote assistance

Travel & Tourism

“AR will be profoundly social.”

use of augmented reality in travel industry

  • Suggesting cafes and museums
  • Enabling 3D GPS services
  • Planning vacations
  • Learning about points of interest
  • Providing signposts to the destination

Business Logistics

“AR will amplify business operations.”

use of Augmented reality in business logistics

  • Cost-savings
  • Warehousing
  • Path optimization
  • Identifying faulty products
  • Virtual meetings

A.R: The Future Envelope

Simply put, AR will be everywhere in the near future. AR also has a very close relationship with Artificial Intelligence that boosts up its importance. We have been a part of a long journey from combustion to charging. Through this statement, we are hinting at the role of AR in autonomous driving. AR can help in carrying out test trials on self-driving cars. With recent advancements in app development technology, mobile application AR is going to be the next show stopper. We are sure that the coming time is fully packed up with so many surprises and an enormous amount of possibilities in the AR technology.