From the user interface of a website to the logo design, typography can rightfully be declared the king of digital visual representation. It is not just limited to written content style but is alive in all shapes and sizes. And thus, playing a crucial role in conveying the message of a brand. Therefore, typography trends are extremely important to a designer, and keeping up with these trends will help to better connect with the audience. 

2021 is set to be a flourishing year for the digital world, and thus the scope and the opportunities to explore in typography increase.

Top 10 typography trends that will bring a new angle to the world of digital design.

Alternating Baselines

This typography trend alternates the cap height and baselines of capitalized letters thus creating a variety. The Designers get the advantage to intensify this by playing with the thickness between letters and experimenting with the axes. The capitalized words form a boxy shape and make the words feel more important and grownup. This text type is an upcoming typography style for crucial content such as titles and brand names. 

By following the latest typography trends digital designers are flourishing content outside the box in 2021.

Solid Shadows 

Shadows have always held a very strong visual power that attracts one’s attention immediately. Similarly, in digital content too, launching a simple design with a third dimension, adding some extra weight has not made it to the lists of latest typography designs. 

Solid Shadows

Strong solid shadows set into the canvas while the angles give the appearance of bulk with vivid colors setting the vibe and thus, adding more visual dimension to catch the attention of the viewer. 

This style would become the go-to typography style for logo designers. 

Outline Typography 

The outline font style has become a huge deal right now. This style of typography is mostly showcased for the main headline area of the webpage. The typeface used in this typography style is sans serif and it is a combination of filled letters.

Outline Typography

It is certainly an emerging creative way to add more depth and style to your hero text. But one must bear in mind that the readability and the background are well balanced with the placement, color, and contrast. 

Kinetic Typography 

This typography trend is a combination that serves both UI and UX demands as it is a type of moving type. It is quite like an animation technique for mixing motion and type to express ideas using video animation. The sans serif fonts have ruled the animations for quite a while now and they continue to rule in this emerging design trend. Animated typography holds viewer attention for a longer period thus serving as an incredible tool for creating powerful narratives for brands.

Kinetic Typography

Extra Sharp Angles 

Sharpness in anything is much appreciated. Similarly, this emerging typography trend of 2021 aims at adding a holistic sharpness to the designs. Adding sharp angles further brings out the effect of rebellion. This trend complements the darker colors that highlight their super sharp edges. It is an already popular style for type-based logos, tattoo studios, martial arts dojos, and breweries; and is now stepping to make its mark in the digital space. 

Extra sharp angles typography

Rounded Block Fonts 

Since Block fonts are coming back in trend, Designers are engaging with them and standardizing them for logo wordmarks and poster headings. This trending typography is mainly used with sans serif typeface, therefore when applied, it makes the type look solid, and giving it an immovable feel but with rounded corners retaining the softer retro look. Although, rounded corners are a staple in graphic design and help to convey a modern esthetic. also, when they are paired with thicker letterforms making the subject feel bolder yet settling at the same time. 

Rounded block fonts

Dynamic Lettering 

This trending typography creates the visual delusion of movement through fluid shapes, action lines, textures, and shading. It is an equivalent complement to the kinetic type demonstrating that technology is not limited to creating a moving design style.

Belonging to the graphic design industry, it is important to give every word and letter its due importance and that is the main responsibility of professional copywriters and typographers; dynamic lettering makes this possible. 

Dynamic lettering

Although this typography style gives a cool look but hampers the readability, thus demanding more visual work by the viewer to understand what the text says.


Contemporary designs have never run out of trend and every year brings something new. Thus, inspiring imagination to push the boundaries of design. This typography is a combination of new and vintage styles, hence falling perfect to have a cinematic feel that renders well as headlines, on posters, and a wordmark logo design.


Retro typography

Glitch Typography 

This typography trend is well inspired by Tik Tok. The Tik Tok logo’s emblem holds a distinct feature of giving a 3D look. Glitch typography aims more towards the artistic side and compromises on the readability; thus, it comes with caution of using in moderation. 

Glitch type

Highlighted Type 

When one must create an emphasis, a highlight is the best feature to do so. From a simple highlight to separate underlines and even animated highlights, this trending typography style offers plenty of unique ways to use the highlighted text style. 

Highlight Typography

Using highlights might sound outdated, but the visually stunning and effective impact it brings and makes the simplest text appealing. This typography style does not overwhelm and take over the entire design but maintains focus and simplicity.