Indeed, technology has pampered mankind to the fullest. Imagining a life without the internet seems unimaginable. With evolution and GenZ geniuses in command, the internet is coined as “Cloud”.  Let us explore the top 6 cloud providers that play a very significant role in our day-to-day lives, but we hardly know them, their services, and their features. And further, make the final decision of choosing the right cloud provider. 

Beginning with the basics. 

What is cloud computing?

In simple words, cloud computing is the distribution of computing services that includes servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet or “the cloud” to propose faster innovation, adaptable resources, and economies of scale. This means that one has to pay for only the cloud provider services you use, thus helping to lower operating costs, run infrastructure more efficiently, and scale as the business needs change. Clouds can be limited to a single organization, known as enterprise clouds; or be available to multiple organizations, known as public cloud.

What is a Cloud Provider?

Cloud Providers are companies that provide Information Technology (IT) as a service over the Internet. A cloud company offers three types of services;  


Types of cloud providers

Presently, all the major cloud services companies provide all of these services.

How does Cloud provider work?

Cloud providers are software infrastructures that keep a record of data on remote servers. This data is well accessible through the Internet. A cloud service consists of servers, computers, databases, and a central server that enables all the operations by following the protocols. A cloud provider server holds multiple copies of data to neutralize the threats like data breaches, data loss, etc. security threats.

Let us now explore the top 6 cloud providers that rule the market


Cloud providers Market Leaders

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is Amazon's cloud web hosting platform which extends fast, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Amazon Web Services is one of the top cloud providers which offers services in the form of building blocks; which can further be used to create and deploy any kind of application in the cloud. It is one of the most popular cloud providers as it was the first to enter the cloud computing space. AWS is one of the cloud companies that offer Hybrid Capabilities and per hour billing. 


• Easy sign-ups

• Faster Deployments

• Easy management of add or remove capacity

• Access to effectively limitless capacity

• Integrated Billing and management

AWS cloud provider offers many services which include Virtual Private Cloud, EC2, AWS Data Transfer, Simple Storage Service, DynamoDB, Elastic Compute Cloud, AWS Key Management Service, AmazonCloudWatch, Simple Notification Service, Relational Database Service, Route 53, Simple Queue Service, CloudTrail, and Simple Email Service. 

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud provider which is an open-source and adaptable cloud platform that helps in development, data storage, service management & hosting solutions.


• Offers the most effective solution according to data needs

• Delivers scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness

• Offers consistency across clouds with familiar tools and resources

• Allows scaling the IT resources up and down according to the business needs

Azure offers a variety of services within various categories including AI + Machine Learning, Analytics, Blockchain, Compute, Containers, Databases, Developer Tools, DevOps, Identity, Integration, Internet of Things, Management, Media, Microsoft Azure Stack, Migration, Mixed Reality, Mobile, Networking, Security, Storage, Web, and Windows Virtual Desktop. 

But what makes Azure the most attractive and intelligent cloud provider? It is the exclusive offering of Microsoft’s tried and tested products and services in the cloud, as a result, its cloud supremacy revolves around its intelligence. Azure holds a reputation for providing the most advanced and maximum number of intelligent products and services.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a set of solutions and products which includes the GCP & G Suite. It is amongst the top cloud providers which assist to solve all kinds of business challenges with ease.


• Allows scaling with open, flexible technology

• Solve issues with accessible AI & data analytics

• Eliminate the need for installing costly servers

• Allows transforming business with a full suite of cloud-based services

AI and Machine Learning, API Management, Compute, Containers, Data Analytics, Databases, Developer Tools, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Hybrid and Multi-cloud, Internet of Things, Management Tools, Media and Gaming, Migration, Networking, Security and Identity, Serverless Computing, and Storage are all the various products and services that the Google Cloud offers. Its other products are also offered in the cloud, including G Suite, Google Maps Platform, Google Hardware, Google Identity, Chrome Enterprise, Android Enterprise, Apigee, Firebase, and Orbiter are all the various services that this cloud provider offers. 


Google Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba is probably a shocker when ranking in the list of public cloud providers. Alibaba Cloud was initially built to serve Alibaba company’s e-commerce ecosystem but is now offered to the public. It is also the largest cloud provider in China.

Alibaba offers various products and services in various categories, including Elastic Computing, Storage and CDN, Networking, Database Services, Security, Monitoring and Management, Domains and Websites, Analytics and Data Technology, Application Services, Media Services, Middleware, Cloud Communication, Apsara Stack, and Internet of Things.

IBM Cloud

IBM cloud is a full-stack cloud provider that spans public, private, and hybrid environments. It is one of the best cloud providers in the market, which is built with a robust suite of advanced and AI tools.


• Offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS)

• Used to build pioneering which helps to gain value for businesses

• Offers high-performing cloud communications and services into a business-specific IT environment.

Compute, Network, Storage, Cloud Packs, Management, Security, Database, Analytics, AI, IoT, Mobile, Dev Tools, Blockchain, Integration, Migration, Private Cloud, and VMware are the various products and services that this highly recommended cloud provider offers.  


Cloud Providers functioning


Oracle Cloud offers innovative and integrated cloud services. It is one of the best cloud providers that helps in building, deploying, and managing workloads in the cloud or on-premises. It further helps companies to renovate their business and reduce complexity.


• Offers more options for where and how one wants to make a journey to the cloud

• Helps realize the importance of modern technologies like AI, ML, chatbots, etc. 

• Offers Next-generation mission-critical data management in the cloud

• Provides better visibility to unsanctioned apps and protects against cyber attacks

Oracle IaaS offerings include Compute, Storage, Networking, Governance, Database, Load Balancing, DNS Monitoring, Ravello, and FastConnect. Oracle PaaS offerings are Data Management, Application Development, Integration, Business Analytics, Security, Management, and Content and Enterprise. Oracle SaaS offerings are CX, HCM, ERP, SCM, EPM, IoT, Analytics, Data, and Blockchain Applications. The DaaS is the Oracle Data Cloud.

In short…

Name of Cloud Provider




        Amazon Web Service (AWS)

  Amazon EC2

  Amazon Web Services

  Amazon Web Services

        Microsoft Azure

  Microsoft Private Cloud

  Microsoft Azure

  Microsoft Office 365

        Google Cloud

  Google App Engine

(Python, Java and many)

  Google Applications


  Smart Cloud Enterprise

  Smart Cloud Application          Services

  SaaS Products

The cloud provider Market leaders and their products. 

How to select the best Cloud Provider?

The following questions should be answered while selecting a cloud company.

• Is the business-centric desired region supported?

• Allocated budget and the Cost for the service fitting right?

• For an outsourcing company, Customer/Client Preference of service provider needs to be factored in. 

• The cost involved in training employees on the Cloud provider platform?

• Customer support?

• The provider should have a successful track record of stability/uptime/reliability?

• Reviews of the company?

The Future of cloud computing and cloud provider platforms

Businesses, small or big, have a strong upward curve in using cloud provider services for speed application deployments, enhance security, manage workload efficiently and utilize additive technologies like Edge, Machine Learning, and more. This decade will witness the strong new world of cloud that will deliver value, responsiveness, and resiliency.