These days having a website that grabs a user’s attention and converts them into a loyal customer is not an option, it is a must. A weakly created website design can cause your business to get away from their customers and in the end money, and unfortunately, bad web design is more common than you might expect.

It is important to remember that the site is created for visitors, and not for themselves. And for them to create a design, extra services, and content. But, as knowledge has already shown, not all sites are appealing, and creating a high-quality design is not so difficult. Therefore, before start working on a website development, particularly on designing a new site, you need to totally understand the scope of the project.

Most Frequent Web Design Mistakes.

  1. Overloaded Website

Overloaded Website design

Many times, site owners make the mistake of overburdening the site with a range of different fonts, scattered images, unsuited color palettes and other components that are stylistically not related to each other. This can go on for several reasons. When developing a website, try to restrict yourself to one style. Do not select more than two or three colors, use one logo and font, and stick to this selection on all pages of your website. Therefore, pick all the appropriate fonts and style that are made by qualified designers.

  1. Poor Configuration of The Site

Poor configuration of the website

One of the key mistakes when designing a website is a mess on its pages. This may contain difficult navigation, a twisted layout, the unavailability of buttons, links, search loops and other substantial elements. Therefore, it is very important make sure the visitor must clearly know the entire composition of the website.

  1. Poor Quality connecting & Inappropriate Images

Poor Connection & Inappropriate Images

The links and images on your website must be clearly visible to your visitors. If links are not clearly visible to the user, then it would be annoying them. Having weak-quality connection on your website is viewed as one of the biggest websites designing mistake. On the other hand, bad pictures and graphics can quickly convey complex thoughts. A mistake will be the use of pictures and links that have no relevant connection with the rest of the content and theme of your website. When links and images are not associated with the central theme, it can complicate readers and turn away their attention.

  1. Pop-ups

Pop-Ups in Website

Well-designed pop-ups or pop-ups can bring a lot of benefit to the site. But often pop-ups cause users irritation. To prevent forceful pop-up windows, do not use pop-ups instantly when you open the page. Make them unobtrusive and do not overlap the content. Use banners of reasonable size that will be easy to close. Create an attractive text that will help you gather the information you need. Create visually attractive pop-ups and they will bring good to your site.

  1. Lack of Optimization for Search Engines

To create a website, you need not only to complete web-design courses, but also to know the principles of the search engines. The search engines are the link that guides the users to websites. Therefore, make sure that the texts on the website are distinctive. In addition, enter thematic keywords into items on the site so that users will be able to locate your resource. The proper optimization of the site will boost the speed of indexing pages.

  1. Slow Loading

Sluggish loading of the page can negatively affect the presentation of the website. Page load period is the main reason why many sites remain neglected. Weak page presentation also impacts user buying behavior. A developer can simply compress JavaScript or CSS files. Image volume can also be adjusted in order to reduce download speed. In addition, the web-based tools will deliver understanding about your site and increase the download speed.


Get in more business with these fast and easy solutions to fix some of the biggest website mistakes. These simple steps can help ensure your website creates leads for your business, by delivering an ideal user experience for your customers. And more significantly, preventing all the common website design mistakes.