DevOps - DevOps everywhere!

More than a technology solution, DevOps has surfaced as the common buzz word for the IT industry.

Even the small and medium companies are also walking their paths into DevOps.

But let us first get an idea about what is DevOps.

What is DevOps?

In simple words, DevOps is an idea that encourages better communication and collaboration between teams in an organization. It explains the adoption of iterative software development, automation and programmable infrastructure deployment and maintenance.

Want to know more about this highly-paid opportunity of devops engineer? Then you would need to excel in the following 7 skills that make you the ‘Perfect’ DevOps engineer.

Top 7 skills that make you the ‘Perfect’ DevOps engineer

Knowledge of Linux and Web Scripting 

As a DevOps engineer, one must be acquainted with at least one programming language. But it is also important to understand that even if you do not know Linux, then regardless of which programming language you work in, you are bound to face issues in various stages of product development.

Devops engineer skills

There are various other ways in which your growth as a DevOps Engineer can be suppressed with the absence of Linux knowledge. Most of the DevOps automation tools have a Linux based architecture with the presence of mode, so inevitably for working with codes in any language, the knowledge of Linux and Linux scripting is very essential.

Key concepts of DevOps

DevOps distinct what people think, is neither a technology nor a tool. It is a methodology that does not have a strict framework. Hence, companies can adopt the methodology by tailoring the framework as per their standards. The DevOps methodology’s main target is to bring the Development and Operations teams together to decrease the gap between them so that work is performed faster. Using DevOps methodology, companies are capable to deliver quality software much faster.

Decision Making

Similar to the importance of decision making in various other career opportunities in technological landscapes, things remain the same for DevOps engineers as well. If you are seeking to be a DevOps expert, for whom the companies will be writing heavy paychecks, then along with technical skills, it is important that you have fast decision-making skills.

decision making skills for devops engineer

A lot of codes are written by your team members, and you must have the ability to accept and reject the coding snippets on the go to increase the speed of development. A faster rollout process means that you, as a devops engineer, have the time to work on multiple projects and achieve maximum client satisfaction.

Soft Skills and Noble Thought

It is not enough if you are just good at coding and automation. DevOps needs a different version of you. The one which is also good at soft skills, self-motivation, flexibility, and learning. DevOps professionals should be the dynamos as well as listeners.

They should be clear about the fact that DevOps transformation requires stakeholder discussions, awareness about business goals, assessment, and identification of improvement areas, all driven by collaboration.

Automation Skills

Being called as a DevOps engineer will necessitate a good command over automation, the heart of DevOps process. A DevOps engineer should be competent enough of automating the entire DevOps pipeline, including CI/CD cycles, app performance monitoring, infrastructure, and configurations, among the many others.

DevOps automation skillset is strongly linked to ability in knowledge about DevOps toolset, coding and scripting.

Customer-Focused Approach

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any successful DevOps process. Given this factor, DevOps engineers should ensure every function they perform should be in line with the business objectives and delivery value to the end-user.

customer satisfaction skills for devops engineer

In the process, they will want to collaborate with stakeholders such as developers, testers, project managers and organization’s thought leadership, towards a common goal.

Passion For Learning

Passion for learning is something that will take you through the toughest competition and also help you stand apart. The more you learn, the better you get, a quote well applicable on devops engineers too. In the world of DevOps, as a lead engineer, you must be careful of every new tool and threat that are out there to automate the development process.

Ending Note

To succeed in the DevOps career path, you must have a balance of technical knowledge, and instinctive soft skills. These two crucial properties work hand in hand to help you grow. The technical knowledge will help you to create a highly productive DevOps infrastructure whereas soft skills will help you provide the utmost client satisfaction.