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Top 8 applications written in Python

Fri Aug 20 2021  ·  

 ·  5 min read
applications written in Python

Python is a trendy and popular coding language for several reasons – it’s comparatively easy to learn and read, has a massive library to assist you to solve many of your coding problems and is a very active and welcoming community of users.

Even if you have no idea what kind of language Python is, odds are you are quite familiar with many programs that are written in Python. Let us know more about the popular programs written in Python.


It takes a lot of control to be able to handle the most popular search engine worldwide, hence using python language for its mainframe foundation makes it easier for the giant with various apps that it runs in conjunction with the main site. The ease that Google provides for finding certain information, would be difficult without Python at the core.

python in google


With more than 4 million views per day and 60 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube has become one of the ‘Most Visited’ sites on the planet. Python is used for different reasons all over the site and because of its speed, it allocates for the development of sustainable features in record time. Therefore, every time you watch a video, you are actually executing Python code.

python in youtube

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Founded quite recently in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular photo and video sharing social media apps with more than 300 million active users. The app operates with many programming languages but its application servers are built using iterations of Python with Django as the web framework.

python in instagram


Spotify is a very popular music streaming service and a big fan of Python. The developers at Spotify use Python programming language in their back-end services and in data analysis. The Python module, Luigi, is used to control the Radio and Discover features, along with the recommendations for people to follow. Speed is an important factor at Spotify and Python helps to successfully accomplish it. Spotify is also very active in the Python community and sponsors conferences.

python in spotify


Have a question? Ask it on Quora. This site assembles a list of questions and answers that come from a community of individuals. Those questions are then arranged by various members of the community, which then puts the most relevant information at the top. The creators of Quora, who happened to be former Facebook employees, chose to use Python to help them create the world’s finest Magic 8 ball in Quora.

python in quora


Reddit is one of the greatest open communities on the web. If you have a question, want to talk about something specific, or find loads of information regarding a particular topic, you can consider Reddit as your safest and best option. The site relies heavily on Python programming language to help them store usernames, compartmentalize subreddits, upload links to GIFs and, of course, reward the valued posters.

python in reddit


Dropbox lives in the cloud, extending services in cloud storage, data management, file sharing, and client software. Originally, both the Dropbox server, which runs on the cloud and desktop client software was principally written in Python. The co-founder of Dropbox considers Python one of his favourite languages following its simplicity, flexibility, and elegance.

python in dropbox


Who doesn’t know Netflix? But how many know that Netflix is actually written with Python programming language? The world’s leading internet television network with more than 33 million members in 40 countries enjoying more than one billion hours of TV shows and movies per month, including Netflix original series, Netflix relies heavily on Python programming to conduct operations

python in neflix

Developers at Netflix have the freedom to choose the technologies best suited for the job. More and more, developers turn to Python due to its rich batteries-included standard library, succinct and clean yet expressive syntax, large developer community, and the wealth of third-party libraries one can tap into to solve a given problem.

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To wrap up...

Python is an extremely powerful and useful computer programming language that many biggest websites in the world rely on for their foundation. It provides reliable results that are functional and involve a variety of dynamic scripted and non-scripted contexts. an additional benefit of python is that it is a free and open source, it has remained a popular choice for a variety of different developers who are looking to build new sites on one of the most reliable languages available.


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Which application is used in python?

Here are some examples of applications used in python

1) Web Applications. We can use Python to develop web applications

2) Desktop GUI Applications

3) Console-based Application

4) Software Development

5) Scientific and Numeric

6) Business Applications

7) Audio or Video-based Applications

8) 3D CAD Applications.

Who uses python in the real world?

The programming language is used globally to design and build 2G imaging applications like Inkscape, GIMP, Paint Shop, etc. Python is also used for 3D animation packages such as Blender, Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya, etc.

What is python best suited for?

Python is commonly used for developing websites and software applications, task automation, data analysis, and data valuation. Python is relatively easy to learn, python has been adopted by many non-programmers for their everyday tasks.

Is python good for real-time applications?

Python is easy to use and can be embedded in a real-time system as a recommended programming language. The software codes are in python and not C or C++.

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