Building your own Digital Workforce!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the talk of the town in the year 2019 and the succeeding year 2020 has promised several miracles to come. AI’s charm is not going to dwindle even in the current scenario. It is gaining momentum in every single industry with an innumerable amount of possibilities. The global AI market is expanding exponentially with AI being the bedrock of the era of automation and connected mobility. AI is powering everything from logistics, analytics, construction to robotics, and aerospace. Let’s have a look over some of the most popular AI trends in 2020 to enable digital workforce creation for your business. 

Robotic Process Automation

When you think of AI, what is the most powerful and recurring image that comes in your mind? Probably the answer is a legion of programmed robots replacing human workers at the assembly line. Robots that were hitherto used for only manual tasks would now begin to perform skilled tasks as well, such as creating business reports, making animations, etc.

Robotic Process Automation


Space Exploration

AI has even made it possible to explore our space more. India is getting prominent in harnessing Ai for space expeditions and technology. As per reports, ISRO is going to launch ‘Gaganyan’, a crewed orbital spacecraft piloted semi-humanoid robot ‘Vyommitra’. Sounds electrifying, right? Vyommitra has several capabilities ranging from handling capsule to recognize fellow human pilots.

Big Data Analytics

Big data is certainly fortifying AI and making it more versatile in nature. Ongoing digitalization and simulacrum of the real-world objects have streamlined processes, improved research capabilities, and slashed costs. Organizations tend to invest in methods to collect and record all of the data they can. Big Data allows businesses to harness real value from data-driven intelligent automation.

Boosting Cybersecurity

With recent advancements in AI technology, cyber threats are also increasing in number. Every day, several websites and portals are breached and their security gets compromised. AI-enabled automation has promised an additional layer of advanced cybersecurity backed by supervised models, such as biometric authentication using human faces and fingers.

Advanced Natural Language Processing

AI has given birth to Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transform conversational capabilities from humans to robots with the purpose of achieving a higher level of cognitive speaking through deep learning models like neural network architecture. Businesses use social media data to define language context and patterns. Chatbots are a perfect example one could ask for!

Enhanced Customization

Customers are an important asset for businesses today. Therefore, the ability to enable product customization and provide personalized experience has taken a front seat in determining the success rate of a business. This is where AI has a crucial role to play as it can augment the capacity for offering refined personalized services.

Hybrid Workforce

We are about to witness an era where humans and robots will live in harmony and even robots will complement humans in performing several tasks. A hybrid workforce consisting of both humans and robots is now alive and growing. Organizations are turning towards cognitive AI to handle repetitive ad high-volume tasks at scale.

Hybrid Workforce

Improved Business Processes

What exactly businesses need today to attain accelerated growth? The answer is powerful and clean insights from the data they have. Machine Learning Algorithms can extract meaningful insights from raw data to solve data-rich business problems. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence is making businesses smart every day.

Autonomous Driving

Self-driving cars have been at the core of the automobile industry over the past few years and AI brought a promise to transform this vision into reality. Uber is on the edge of launching its first autonomous drive and we can never expect who will emerge successful in this autonomous game. 

Covert Warfare

Remember the Uri and Pulwama attacks and also the retaliation India did in response to them? Though Indian forces did an excellent job there but think what if the airstrikes were done by AI-powered drones rather than human pilots? If we could save even one human life, ask yourself if that’s not worth it?

Final Thoughts

Bill Gates once stated that AI is our new friend and can be beneficial for society. Still, people see AI as if it is their competition. What we need to do is: change our mentality. AI is not our competition. There would not be a rise of machines with murderous robots taking their space among us like an ominous scenario. It is our companion, a promise for a better tomorrow.