The last decade has been a roller coaster ride for the business world but the graph of the healthcare industry has only grown high.  With the advancement in technology, the world has come to a digital phase where everyone has become more aware and concerned about their health. Healthcare applications are commonly seen in each and every Smartphone nowadays whereupon not only the users are leveraging it to keep their health in check but also because it has become a digital trend. Therefore, the work of designers has also been increased as now both the UI and UX need to be well structured, sorted and aesthetically pleasing.

User Interface of Healthcare application must keep multiple things in mind while designing so that it becomes handy not only for the young generation but also for the old age people. Healthcare applications will comprise largely a part of the design for special needs so the content and all the elements need to be user sensitive by which it means that they need to be motivating in nature. For instance, it’s a fitness app then no content should be such that any user after viewing the app gets de-motivated rather the user interface should be designed in a way that it helps you to push yourself towards a fitness routine. From colours to icons to navigation everything has to be thought about in detailed and then designed.  Let’s find out what all is there in the bucket list.

Elements to be thought about for UI Design of Healthcare Application

Colour Code

color code in UI Healthcare app

We all are well aware of the fact that as the age increases the eyesight usually goes down. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the designer to choose the colours carefully and considering all the age groups. Generally, bright colours like blue, green or pink are used with the combination of white. Blue is highly associated with health; you see it on the hospital walls, banners, medicine labels and even the uniform of the hospital staff. The colour blue signifies trust, responsibility and health, therefore, will suit the design theme. The colour green is the symbolic representation of nature and heath. Designers mostly choose this colour to represent Herbal or Ayurveda. Next in the line is the colour pink. Pink represents childcare and women in general therefore can be used for health applications specially meant for women and children. Lastly, the colour white, this colour represents trust, loyalty, discipline and cleanliness. Thus, a combination of white with these colours is best suited and will be preferred by the clients as well.


Typography in healthcare app

Font type, colour, size and text alignment all of those should be selected considering two factors; first, the interface design and secondly, the age group as the font type and style should be favourable to all age groups. If the application is designed for native users then the native language style should be considered, for example, generally, the language is aligned from left to right, therefore, and text alignment should be the same so that the users do not face any difficulty using them. Also, the font type should be simple to suit all types of users; Arial should be preferred to some fancy calligraphy font type. Lastly, the font size, a clear distinction should be visible between headings and normal format. To represent the same, plus and bold size should have opted for the headings. Balanced typography will help the patients to understand the message clearly and based on the same, the user can take necessary action promptly.

Navigation Tools

CTA Buttons in Healthcare App

There is nothing wrong in saying that the user interface should be made considering the user experience. A user-friendly interface can solve many problems that may later come as feedback. Easy navigation and evidently visible call to action buttons are necessary for a comfortable experience of the application. Elements like a search bar, menu and contact tab need not be searched as they have to be noticeable in clearly on each and every screen. Healthcare application will be meant for patients therefore, the designer needs to keep in mind that the option for book an appointment and contact in case of emergency should be made available on each and every screen and especially on the home page of the application.

Icon and Graphic Elements

Infographics in Healthcare app

Healthcare industry has had a long history therefore, with that there are multiple symbols attached with the same to present different terms and branches of the same. Henceforth, there is a collection of healthcare icons available in various versions on the internet. It is the responsibility of the designer to select them wisely with the complete knowledge of the selected icon because the last thing you want for the patient is to get confused among those icons.

Graphics contain the element to attract the user and make the application aesthetically pleasing. Therefore images or infographics are highly recommended to enhance the creativity and design aesthetics of the user interface. 


There are multiple things that need to be kept in mind before designing the user interface for a healthcare application. Make a checklist and tick them as you go along once they are done. This checklist must include the colours, font size, font type, page layout, navigation button, icon, graphics and many more. Designing a healthcare application is not only a task but a responsibility that has to be taken care of with much concentration.