Web Design is like a fashion. Every year brings a new revolution in the design market with its trend-setting User Interface (UI). UI designers can be labelled as fashion designers or craftsmen/women where they not only stay updated but also become trendsetters. As UI designers, one must be conscious of what is influencing the market and what impact it is going to have on the design demands. For eg, technology has been the epicentre of 2019 and eventually, by the end of 2019, we could already see some hot designs that we already knew will be trending in 2020. And, now when it has been almost half of 2020, let’s find out which trends are still ruling the web design market. 

Dark Mode 

Dark Mode Theme for UI Design

The dark theme has been ruling 2019 and the trend is still very much present in 2020 as well. Apple’s dark mode theme launch created a craze among the gadget users and thus, the influence was to be seen pretty much everywhere. And, now with so many applications with “dark mode” themes, there is no surprise that the website owners are demanding a similar theme for their website. Dark UI themes are not only aesthetically pleasing but it makes it easier to read the typography with usually white or neon shades. Dark Interface combined with bright elements makes the design more appealing and attractive in contrast with the light one.  

Everything 3D

Shadow is a crucial element that gives depth to any animation or graphic in order to provide it next level 3D effects. The 3D effect is like a pinch of salt to make your food even tastier and a perfect UI designer is a master in this art.

3D Graphics 

3D graphics for UI Design

It has been decades since 3D graphics were introduced but the impact of it is still visible and much in trend. Furthermore, it has only developed with time. With advanced browsing technology, UI designers have been capable of incorporating these 3D Graphics into the web and mobile interface designs. 

3D Animation

3D Animation for UI design

Today, almost every upto date website will surely have an animation which catches your eye and gives you that extra vibe towards the product or the service they have to offer. While this process of creating 3D animation will ask for more specific skills and time but surely, the results are worth all the pain. 

Rule Breaking Typography 

Typography for UI Design

Art has no rules and what is usually crafted is meant to be broken, if a designer wishes to produce something out of the box. Boldness, size, italics, capitalise font and font colour, UI designers have variants to play and explore with the typography for their UI designs. But one thing which designers need to make sure is that the typography should be readable. The design of the font, size selected must not hurt the readability of the text on the page. And, if required, the font can change its colour in between as well. 

Colour Gradient 

Colour Gradient for UI Design

When you have a rainbow to select why go for a single colour? From the palette of beautiful shades, designers are not shying away from choosing a gradient for their UI designs. 2020 is about selecting as many colours as you desire to select from a gradient. Flat design is not something over which spectators are flattered anymore. From multi colours to light and dark colour texture designers are free to experiment. What we see today, presents a contrast to subtle-monotone shades which were selected earlier.  

Fusion of Illustration & Realism 

Illustration ideas for UI Design

Line drawing has much been in trend throughout 2019 and an addition to it was a hint of animation. But in 2020, the illustration crossed a new line and now the designs are created in a sense which seems more realistic. Realism has been the theme of 2020 where the designs are made keeping human interaction within mind. A product in your UI design, for eg, should not seem like a 3D model rather it should feel as if it has a real depth in it. The vision is to create a fusion of illustration & realism that should tell a story with it. The story of the brand or the product. 

Overlapping of the Layers 

Overlapping in UI Design

Just like a cake, #2020 trends allow your UI design to have as many layers as you like unless and until it tastes delicious, it is good to go. Overlapping layers might not be able to give you 3D effects instead they surely do add depth to your design. Though overlapping can be of many elements like icons, shapes, boxes or text, 2020 is more about the overlapping of typography. These overlapping of layers has also outdated the trend of symmetry in the design. The idea throughout the design should be that the design theme must be clear and visually appealing.