Fantasies coming true! 

It has already been a decade since virtual reality is changing the gaming world and user experience. Instead of watching the moment, we can live it. Battlegrounds have become alive where the user feels as if he is there on the battlefield and surrounded by enemies. The gun doesn’t feel strange in his hand and he is the hero who will save the entire world. Virtual reality along with the 3D effects has now long surpassed the road where the kids/ teenagers had a remote control and a t.v station where they would control only the player. Virtual reality has given the command in the hands of the user to feel like a player or a warrior.  

What is V.R Gaming? 

V.R gaming is a term that refers to the computer games that are operated optimising Virtual Reality technology. The vision behind V.R games is to enhance first person user experience. The idea is to create a gaming environment where the user should not feel like an outsider but he should feel as if he himself is present in the onscreen environment. 

Benefits of V.R in the gaming industry 

  • Real-Time gaming experience

  • Promotes innovation and enjoyment

  • Can be operated anytime anywhere

  • Boosts kids to become more expressive

  • A fun way to burn some calories 

Collaboration between Gaming Business and V.R technology

Industrialists engaged in a gaming business are now working hand in hand with the V.R technology to develop and enhance their gaming system. Virtual reality in the last decade has scaled the profits for this industry. From kids to teenagers or even the adults these days have chosen games as a source of entertainment. Gaming industry came up with a bang where the Disney world was now changed into realistic scenarios and to find those intrinsic solutions, V.R technology became handy. Vendors for a time were facing difficulty with boosting their retail traders. But V.R accessories attached with the gaming systems have boosted not only the sale of gaming platforms but also the accessories which enhances the user experience. One such example is when Facebook in 2014 made an investment of $3billion in the headset manufacturer company Oculus that produced V.R optimised headset and made billions of dollars as a profit by selling it. And, it was at that time that everyone realised that Virtual Reality is the magic potion of the Gaming world. Virtual Reality since then has been scaling the business growth and is expected to do so even in 2020.

Let’s see what experts say about it!

“2020 is once again being declared to be VR's make-or-break year,” 

-Robert Morgan

VR Game Designer


“I've been a gamer my entire life, But this allows you to be a character in a game instead of manipulating a character on screen.”

  • Matlon

 Expert Gamer 

V.R accessories that changed the gaming experience

Solely depending on the demand of the user, the user himself can make a choice between multiple accessories available in the market to enhance their gaming experience.  

  • V.R Gaming Headsets & Goggles 

V.R Gaming Headsets & Goggles


High Definition V.R headsets and goggles capture the movement of the player’s head and eyes. 

Regular once, only stimulates a 3D environment. 


Popular Headset

  1. Oculus Rift 

  2. HTC Vive 

  3. Playstation VR

  4. Oculus Go

  5. Lenovo VR headsets

  6. Pansonite V.R Glasses

  • V.R Gaming Controller

V.R Gaming Controller


Transforms your physical action into game performance in real time. Usually, like if you are performing an action of walking then your player on the screen will do the same. This happens with the help of real-life activity sensors or detectors.  Usually this is done using a joystick and gamepads. 


Popular Gaming Controller

  1. Original Rift Touch Controllers

  2. Rift S Touch Controllers (also Oculus Touch)

  3. Valve Index Controllers

  4. Vive Cosmos Controllers

  5. PSVR Controllers

  6. Samsung Gear VR Controller

  • V.R Gaming Gloves

V.R Gaming Cloves


Sensor-equipped these gaming gloves are meant to detect the movement of the whole body, specifically of the hand and fingers. These are built with the technique of the new generation of gaming that allows the player to perform actions like grasping, picking or throwing. 


Popular Gaming Controllers

  1. Hi5

  2. VRgluv

  3. Senso

  4. Dexmo

  5. Haptx

  6. Avatar V.R

Summing Up 

Virtual Reality has been changing the world of the gaming industry. These V.R games can be played on any device that is smart like laptop, computers, smartphones, tablets or gaming consoles like PlayStations. The vision is to create a real-time experience for the users and provide them with the pleasure of playing.