Sometimes you don’t need to be a prophet to predict the future especially when you can see where it is heading with your naked eyes. The future of technology or to say the digital world is apparently clear where everyone can see that within the next decade we will be twice or maybe more advanced as we are now. Artificial Intelligence is making its space and building a threshold for it in each and every corner of the world. From our home comforts to the business world we are surrounded by it and leveraging the same as well. Artificial Intelligence is a support that has always enhanced the user experience of web designing and this is also the reason why it is much preferred by both the entrepreneurs and web designers and developers.

Role of AI in UI and UX Design

The artificial intelligence with the help of deep learning algorithms will be able to analyse the big data based on the response of your customer and can suggest you the probable solution that you can incorporate in your web design. Some of those solutions can be:

  1. Voice Assistant

Voice assistant in web design

Voice Assistant has already taken its place on many digital platforms and is now opted for website and applications as well. Voice Assistant software can help the users for a quick search and this can be placed along with your search bar. It has become a choice of big companies like Amazon, you generally see Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa on their e-commerce shopping site/app. Not only the user can interact with your website or application but this will make your website/ application smart.

  1. Intuitive Recommendation System

recommendation system in web design

We have all seen those recommendations we get when we type something on Google/ Bing/ Pinterest/ Amazon or any other website or application when we start typing the keywords related to whatever we are looking for. That happens because there are machine learning algorithms running on the backstage and trying to give you what you are looking for based on his training. Such software is available to be there on your platform as well. It will quicken the search and will give an enhanced experience to your users. Movies, products, series or whatever might be the interest to your customer will be recommended speedily. These minute details make a huge impact on your user’s experience.

  1. ChatBot Service

ChatBot in Web Design

Most leveraged and preferred by the industrialists in the past 3-4 years, ChatBot has solved the problems of many industrialists to take care of their customers. To be available for your customer 24X7 is a task in itself; thus, ChatBot comes as a rescue to take care of your customers. Problems and queries faced by your customer can be solved on the ground level only. If ChatBot becomes a part of your website or application then your users will feel connected to your brand. And, the only complaints that will reach you will be the once where the customer care executive himself needs to talk with the customer. This will establish and guarantee a long term relationship between you and your customer.

  1. Personalisation

personalisation in web design

All businesses take their customer’s feedback to improve their user experience and get a satisfactory result but have you ever thought that the feedback’s data can be used for some other purpose as well. With the help of the customer feedback and AI algorithms, you can get the understanding of what your users like the most to which you can take benefit from. For instance, suppose you have a grocery e-commerce business application. One of your users bought imported berries from you and left positive feedback for the same product. In this case, when the next lot of same berries or something like that arrives then you would have the right people in front of whom you can advertise and achieve. This can become a part of the section on your UI Design under the title of “Specially Recommended for You”. In such a case the user will not only see that you take care of them but also the chances of that product being bought will increase.

AI-powered tools for Web Designing

Many companies have started to develop tools that can help them design, develop and integrate AI-powered software to the website and applications they are working on. Here is a list of the 5 most preferred tools:

  • UIzard
  • Sketch2Code by Microsoft
  • Fronty
  • Zecoda
  • Artyline