Every reliable or successful business has a functional website that are necessary and helpful for a variety of reasons and the masses are now more familiar with this than ever before. However, when it comes to truly understanding and appreciating the subject of website design and development, there are many popular misconceptions. Therefore, let us break the ice of web design and development: expectation vs reality

Web Design and Development Expectation 1: It is not going to take much time

It is assumed by seeing the advertisements that a website can be created under an hour. Sometimes you may have heard that you can create a website in just a day or week. You have the technical expertise to handle the various hosting platforms and Content Management System, you don’t encounter any obstacle for building the website.

Checklist for web design and development

Web Design and Development Reality 1: Tediousness in every Template

From getting the right domain, color for the website, content, hosting provider, CMS and the template, even the simplest single page website avenges a lot of time and decision making to build it. If you are trying to build a custom design website your features may well be limited by the template which you choose.

Variety of Templates for Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development Expectation 2: One man Army, it’s less cost 

Buying a domain and hosting can be less in a range to what the agencies may charge more for the development, content, unique features as asked on your website. Finding the right agency and a trusted person who considers your needs, ideas and put together a functional and engaging website in a suitable manner can be difficult. But it is always not realistic to take command of your online marketing and save money.

Web Design and Development Elements

Web Design and Development Reality 2: Upcharge, Upcharge for building

Buying a proper hosting of your website is in reality an expensive deal, although many think to be shared hosting due to high in cost. Depending upon the hosting one may have to select the right Content Management System (CMS) or the templates which help to build your website with codes or minimal codes. In case totally depending on plugins some customized plugins will get activated on the website if you have the premium version. And not to forget, the cost per time it takes for the developer to make the website.

Team work in Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development Expectation 3: Backend changes will not affect the site appearance

Web design which means the visual changes which are done at the front end not on the back end. What is done in the backend, users can’t see that and therefore it doesn’t affect my website. Right?

Establish Web Design and development

Web Design and Development Reality 3: Site Function, SEO, user experience are all factors in a web design

Each change made on the website counts. The plugins, images, content, animation, videos will affect the way that your site performs. Some plugins slow down the speed of your website, thus, creates errors and gives you false information. Which further affects the way Google crawls your site to optimize it in order to rank on the search engine. Every time the changes which you make on the site affects SEO ranking and users gets confused on your site. Changing the content or removing keywords, loading plugins your site can impact the way a user flows through your site. Each and every change which you do on your site should be very carefully done and made sure that you know all the repercussions a single change on your site before putting it on live. You can change a few things on your site when it is live by removing few files thus increasing the loading speed, changing the content if necessary or adding a new page according to requirements.

Elements in Web Design and Development

At Last,

Designing a website comes down to putting in the research to completely understanding and the list of advantages and disadvantages in building it. Thus, should be done with appropriate research and development to support and tackle all changes and edits while delivering and putting live the final website for best results.