An Era of Personalization

Suppose, You want to drink fresh orange juice therefore, you have bought fresh oranges from the market. Now you have the oranges and you cut one of them into two, squeeze half of it and throw the other half into the trash. One orange which could have given you one full glass of orange juice but you only got half a glass. How would you feel? Won’t you want to rebuke yourself about the stupid mistake you just did? 

Do you know you are making a similar mistake if you are not leveraging your data and your social media accounts to the fullest? And, utilising them you can create strong marketing techniques for your business. 

Email Marketing has emerged as one of the foremost techniques in social media marketing. Though many of the digital marketers are still unaware of this big bang theory that can make the targeted customers engage with your emails increase with a rate of directly 78%. Though, for that, you need to opt for one of the most pertinent techniques from all other email marketing techniques and; i.e, Email Personalisation. 

But What is Email Personalisation?

There is no set definition of Email Personalisation. But it can be simply defined as a step in the right direction towards Email marketing where the sender of the email utilises the information that he has of the target client or customer from his previous records or through his connections with them over the internet and uses it to create a customised email.  These contacts can be made via social media or through records of the previous clients that can be served again. 

How does it work?

Customised/personalised Emails? You would think why would you need that when you have an older generic mail that goes again and again to every client you wish to make. 

But don’t you love customisation for your own self? Don’t you yourself go through those emails that have precise information about who you are, what you do and what choices you have been making up till now?

Email Personalisation will have the same impact on your target audience and will influence your target audience smoothly. And, all you need to do for that is to collect the required information about your present or future clients via your network or using your existing data and write a customised email for them. You can prepare customised templates as well and do the necessary changes while sending them out. 

Email Marketing Strategies

                                      An email can change your business world upside down!

Some other essential steps to follow while writing personalised emails:

  1. Build customer personas and categorise them so that it helps you to build right emails for them in one go. 

  2. Make usage of time and location by understanding which region of clients are surfing the most at what time.  And send emails to them at the right time. 

  3. Personalise and categorise your business as well. Analyse and understand the needs of your clients and offer them what they are looking for the most. 

What are the benefits of email personalisation? 

A true businessman will never invest anywhere from which he doesn’t get a profitable/ productive output. As per the reports of Epsilon, 80% more consumers end up buying products/services if given personalised services. Here are a few points that will help you understand the difference that Email Personalisation can make to your business. 

  1. Personalised emails will get you more results than a generic campaign. 

  2. Save time and money both by opting for email personalisation. It is an inexpensive way to market your products/services. 

  3. Stay connected to your customers which will eventually lead to a loyal customer. And, that is good for your brand identity. 

  4. Last but not least, Email Personalisation has no demerits. It can only lead you to scale your business. 

Tips to write personalised emails like a pro:

  1. Include images/ infographics of your products or services. This will result in more click-through rate. 

  2. Apart from highlighting new variations of their previous purchase, bring your other services/ offers into the limelight as well. 

  3. Opt for behavioural triggered emails. Therefore, based on their clicks on the pages they will receive an email notification with more details and offers.

  4. Try and give a more human face to your email. Because a human will better connect to a human. 

Summing up:

With the success rate of 80%, email personalisation has the power to boost your business. Consumers these days are openly demanding for a personalised on both online and offline platforms. Now it is in your hands if you want to work smartly or neglect the essence of email personalisation that can help you achieve your sales target.