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What is 5G, and How is it Going to Improve the Way We Live?

Tue Aug 23 2022  ·  

 ·  5 min read
5G services in India


Every day we all think about how our life could become a little easier. Isn't it? I'm sure it is. If I ask you one thing that made your life easier, most probably, your answer will be the Internet. The Internet has made everything smoother for us, from filling your electricity bills to shopping online, movie ticket booking to watching movies online, connecting with your friends to sharing information. The Internet has revolutionized our way of living. 

The Internet has covered a very long distance from 1G to 5G, but it is worth going. Here I have great news for you the internet is going to be 10x faster now with the launch of 5G in India. 

The claim that the telecom minister had in June 2022, that the 5G rollout will begin in 20-25 cities and towns in India by the end of this year, it starts happening. In that interview, he said that 5G in India starts deployment in August or September, which is on its way already.

There couldn't be better news for the internet user than this. Oh, I forgot to tell you something important, recently, Bharti Artiel said that they are launching their 5G services in India before the end of this month, i.e., August 2022. Isn’t it great news?

I know you might be thinking why I am putting stress on 5G so much. Well, for your information, let me tell you that India is the second most internet user in the world, only after China. On one side, where the world consumes 11GB/month on average, on the other hand, India is way ahead of other nations and consumes 18GB/month. That is 1.5x more than the world's average.

No worries, the wait for the common people to live in the 5G era is gonna end soon. I am sure that you might be thinking about how 5G services in India going to change the lives of common people in India. Surprisingly, you haven't understood the power of 5G services in India but now you will.

What is the 5G network?

5g technology

Before figuring out the benefits of the 5G network, let's first understand what the 5G network is. 5G network is the fifth generation of wireless networks after 4G. It is more reliable, and faster with low latencies. 5G is designed to connect everyone and everything that includes, including machines, objects, devices, etc. 

5G network in India will provide us with the basic internet services with more than 300Mbps speed or even greater, it has massive network capacity, increased availability, greater user experience and much more. 

Now, it's time to know the benefits of 5G services in India. In the further section of this article, I am gonna take you on a ride to know the power and need for 5G technology in India. So let's begin. 

Faster Speed

Yes, faster speed or more than 10x faster speed. Remember the time when to download a film, we wait for several hours that was the time when 2G/3G was running. Then with better hopes and promises, 4G come into play, and it reduced our hours-long wait into minutes. Now comes the 5G, it will simply reduce our minutes into seconds. 

No latencies mean you can just open any OTT platform or start watching the video, and the continuously moving circle will not disturb you anymore. I mean, no more buf... buff... buffering.

Internet of things

Internet of things or IoT is the most used term in the last few years. It remains the centre of discussion, and with the arrival of 5G, the discussion is going to take new heights. The internet of things means those things that are connected to the internet. Everything is going to be upgraded now, like smart bulbs, smart fans, smart TVs and whatnot.

The 5G network is going to change the face of remote monitoring, smart agriculture, industrial automation, and health areas.

Automatic Vehicles

The upgraded version of the Internet of Things (IoT), could be automatic vehicles. Can you imagine how futuristic the thought of an automatic vehicle is? You don't need a driver, neither you need to drive by yourself to reach your destination, that sounds magical but is possible with 5G. A glimpse of this automatic vehicle world could be seen in Elon Musk's founded Tesla. That's what is called the growth in true sense. 

Better Healthcare

The one thing that needs to be upgraded is the healthcare department, and thanks to 5G technology in India for upgrading the healthcare department. 5G technology comes in handy for medical practitioners in performing advanced medical procedures remotely, and all credit goes to the 5G technology in India. 

The seamless access of faster and low latent will help the medical practitioners to connect with patients regardless of their location, and it also helps the surgeons to perform surgery remotely.


The 5G services in India are nothing less than a boon. India is an emerging power not only in Asia but in the world, and faster internet services are the need of the hour. Though India is already way behind in terms of 5G technology, compared with the world's leading powers but still late is better than never. 

This rollout of faster internet services in India will boost the Indian economy as well as we have seen the massive numbers of tech-related unicorns, which need faster internet for better services. 


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