Knowingly or unknowingly software has become an integral part of our life where we leverage them on an everyday basis. Most of the things we do online or watch or learn from are running on one or the other software application. To begin with, Software development is a complex process and to top it all developing robust software requires an accurate amount of skill and knowledge. This blog will give you a heads up to build software with ease and a perfect combination of skills and tools.

Who will benefit from this blog on software development?

  • Anyone who is trying to learn software development.

  • Anyone who is developing software and facing difficulties.

  • Or, anyone who is intrigued by the process of software development.

Software Development Process

The process of Software Development is a long a journey walked on by the developers where they cross multiple steps. It is usually referred to as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) where the developers follow steps which are strictly organised to get the exemplary results. The steps are:

process of software development

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Step-1: Ideation

Knitting a perfect plan is one of the most essential step to any process. And, for the process of software development, it is one of the core steps where the developer along with the project owner needs to enlist his business requirements, objectives and goals which he wants to fulfil why this software. Also, this step will design the framework to decide the plan of action and underline all the probable threats that can later become an obstacle in the development process. A perfect plan will help the developer to keep track of all the other steps of the software development life cycle.

Step-2: Analysis

Once the planning is done, a feasibility analysis is done in order to highlight all the tasks, resources and time required to complete the development project. In-depth analysis of the project will determine the Return On Investment (Return on Investment) and to calculate the net cost that will be required to complete the project.

Step-3: Design

During this phase of the project development, the actual conceptualised of the software. Final prototypes and mock-ups are made to proceed with the development where the workflow will identify all the tools on which all the development solution will be identified. Further, the design documented is prepared along with the coding standards that will be followed for the development procedure.

Step-4: Implementation

This phase will begin with the actual development of the software where the code is written and the design is converted into the actual software. The software engineering team needs to check whether all the codes that are written match the software requirement. And, once the development is completed implementation comes in the way where the developer needs to use the pilot mode to check the functionalities of the software.

implementation of software

Step-5: Testing & Integration

Once the development and implementation are completed then comes the turn of final testing and integration. The engineers now must integrate all the frameworks along with continuous execution of tests and automation. Also, in this step, the software engineers need to test whether the code is clean and the business goals are meant or not.

Step-6: Deployment

This is the stage where finally the newly built product will undergo data and component integration and after this, the specific changes will be deployed. These changes will be made considering the complexities faced and after this, the product will be directly sent for the release. Once this is done, the software is ready to be used by the actual users and to try out the prepared application.

Step-7: Maintenance

The last and final step is the guarantees the regular updates and careful supervision of the software application based on the feedback provided by the real-time users. This step will ensure the robust application functionalities considering time to time maintenance & up-gradation of the software.

Software Development Methodologies

In this final section of the blog, we have made a list of all the methodologies that will help anyone to develop robust software. These three methodologies are widely known and tested by the experts and you can decide one for your software development life cycle as well: