A Strong Front Leads to a Great Start

What is Web and App Design?

Web Design until the early 90s was limited to the design of the website displayed on the screen of the computer via the internet. But with the increasing pace of technology, the web is no longer limited to the computer screen. It has moved to several other devices which can connect to a network. The term itself has turned into web and app development where app refers to the term application which is crafted by the respective business organisation in order to build a direct connection with the user. 

Web and app designers work on the template of the site or application and categorize it into two categories: appearance and layout.  Appearance covers the font, colour, size, image to be used on the site or the application. On the other hand, the layout covers the content structuralisation and how it should appear on the screen. The screen performs a pertinent role for the designer as everything he crafts needs to be aesthetically appealing and should be designed in a manner where when the device changes and the screen size shifts, the screen should remain as appealing and informative as it was before. Therefore, it can be opinionated that the best design should be adaptable to its changing environment. 


Application Design

web aapplication design


One major thing which a website running on mobile phones doesn’t display but an application requires the most is the icon.  An application gets its identity via the icon displayed on the screen of the mobile phone. The designer also needs to consider how the application will be displayed in the widget mode.  


A good design should also be a smart design as well which is complex yet simple and more than anything else should be user-friendly. And, In order to build a smart platform your team should be efficient in web and application development. 


What is Web and Application Development?

website development


The Internet has become a one-stop solution of all the problems faced by every individual. And; while one is connected to the internet they use search engines which leads them to websites for the exact results. But have you ever wondered that there are people designated as  Web and Application Developers who are actually building and maintaining those websites you visit? Want to know who they are and what they do?

Web developers these days are not only limited to building the website but are also fabricating applications that run on personal devices such as mobile phones, tabs, laptops, watches and many more. Web developers have now upgraded themselves by adding applications to their domains and are now referred to as Web and App Developers. Their work is to turn the imagination into reality i.e to build the design. They deliver a strong back by preparing a smooth functioning back-end that further crafts and maintains the front or the user-interface (UI). 

Difference Between Web Development and Application Development 

Web and Mobile Application are slightly different from each other though are built in order to complement each other and also; their usage may vary person to person. 

table 1


Why is the Web and Application Development Team becoming prominent?

More and more organisations are hiring their own web and app development team who not only guarantees to deliver a robust site or application but can also keep a 24X7 watch on it and upgrade it as per the requirement. But there are other benefits once you get your own team:

  • Customization: Hiring your team to customize your product as per your requirement and the need of an hour. In order to meet the needs of a company’s desire to run an aesthetically appealing design aligned correctly with simplicity is only possible through a development team. 

  • Enhanced Security & Features: Having a dedicated web development team allows you to get enhanced features for your website and application along with maintaining the security of your product simultaneously. 

  • Encourages Selectivity: Understand the pros and cons of multiple web and app development platforms and make decisions selectively. Also, it becomes handy for you to migrate your website from one platform to another depending upon the trends and requirements of your field. 


Role of SEO in Web and App Development:

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of optimizing your website design and content to attract more traffic from search engine result pages. It increases your chances for a search engine to display your website as a top result on search engine result pages. Since the main focus of your website and app is to gain more customers through it. Here are some web page SEO factors that can help you boost up your search ranking:

  • Internal links: 

Internal links or hyperlinks help the search engine get more insight into your website. Adding these links to your already existing content helps you as well in promoting the ideas and content that your business promotes.

  • Title:

Of course, the title tag of your site or app represents what it is that your company or business stands for. It is through the title tag only that a search engine understands what your content is about and it's important that it is crisp and uses the keywords that’ll increase your search rankings.

  • Meta Description:

Talking about search engines understanding your content use of meta description are the next door to it. This is the next thing a search engine pays attention to for understanding the fair vision of your site. This includes the keywords as well as tells the visitor what the content is about.

Highly Preferred Platforms & Technologies  used by the designers and developers

By the Web and App Designers:

AdobeXD, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Ziplin, Illustrator

By the Web and App Developers:

Django, Python, C++, React, Java, Angular, jQuery, Node JS, Gul