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Machine Learning

CreateBytes builds concrete solutions through Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning Services to transform your ideas through technical implementation. With the collaboration of our elite team; we aim at productivity and robust delivery of your product that can further render infinite values in return.

What we do


Cognitive Insights

Get smart insights and Untangle fragmented data to unfold trends and patterns that resolve complex business problems in an effective manner.

Customer Consulting Services

Address the customer’s incoming request and questions about the product options, tech support, stock availability escalating to human operators if necessary.

Marketing Automation services

Integrate machine learning programs with marketing automation and CRM application to get demand forecasting and to execute precise marketing.

Data Mining

Utilize mathematics and statistical techniques to get developed algorithms that discover significant correlations and patterns from your raw data to support decision making for your business firm.

Deep Learning

Get precise solutions by leveraging our expertise in machine learning that combs your complex raw data to unleash massive opportunities for your business firm.

Develop Smart Products

Be a leader in your industrial field by getting your own customized Machine Learning Algorithms to develop smart products and data-driven decisions.

Natural Language Process

Use our advanced solutions to get semantic information like entities, concepts, keywords, relations and emotions from human speech and language on social media and web applications.

Neural Network Development

Develop neural network algorithms that can convert big data sets with huge numbers of variables into processed deep learning systems that create patterns which do not classify with other popular applications.

Supervised & Unsupervised Learning

CreateBytes builds future-ready business applications that learn and adapt with time and usage.

How we do

Our Approach

Identifying Obstacles & Collect Data

CreateBytes’ consultants will evaluate your business and will discuss the relevant solutions. Based on the outcome, our team will collect the data for further process.

Prepare Data for Analysis

From your enormous raw data, our team will collect, minimize, categorise and eliminate the excess part to prepare data for analysis.

Data splitting

Our goal is to build a robust and reliable product and for the same, the data will be split into three categories: train, test, and validate to ensure smooth performance.

Create models

On the trained data, supervised or unsupervised learning techniques will be applied for experimentative analysis based on the set parameters.

Test and Validate

Created models are put on testing to analyze scale speed, accuracy, efficiency, and this step, the aim is to set the algorithm and develop a successfully optimized model.

Deploy Models

At this point, the model is ready for deployment and is further sent for A/B testing. Lastly, modification is implemented if required.

Our weapons of math destruction

Tech Stack

Tensor Flow
Azure ML
Amazon Sage Maker

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