Machine Learning Service

Driven to be the best Machine Learning Company to deliver concrete solutions.

Machine Learning as a Service

CreateBytes builds concrete solutions through Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning Services to transform your ideas through technical implementation. With the collaboration of our Machine Learning developers; we aim at productivity and robust delivery of your product that can further render infinite values in return.

Cognitive Services

Benefit from our cognitive services like object detection & face recognition to boost your business or for work management

Data Automation

Get developed algorithms to discover significant patterns from raw data to support decision making for your business firm.

Marketing Automation

Use ML algorithms for the strategic growth of your marketing techniques to scale your brand presence in the market.

Neural Network Development

Convert big data sets into deep learning processed systems that create patterns to build popular applications.

Natural Language Processing

Leverage NLP frameworks to build custom Chatbots, inbox managers & many other applications to strengthen business plans.

Develop Smart Products

Utilise the expertise of our machine learning developers to build products like virtual personal assistant and voice recognition.

Domain Authority

CreateBytes as a Machine Learning Company has worked for almost all kinds of case scenarios for multiple industry sectors. We have served budding startups and the consistent limelights of numerous domains as well. Here’s a quick update of the sectors we have served in one way or another:

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