Machine Learning Domain Expertise

CreateBytes’ expertise in serving Machine Learning services to multiple industry sectors to accelerate their business growth.


Digitize your retail sector via AI and get a digital rack, virtual trial rooms and digital assistance for behavioural analytics. Smart Analytics & NLP offers instant support to its customers for a pleasant shopping experience.

Machine Learning in Retail Industry .
Machine Learning in Banking & Finance Industry.

Banking & Finance

Customized algorithms hold the capacity to identify unusual behaviour and during every transaction gives a fraud-score in return. It helps you avoid online fraud by scanning every event engaged in the transaction.

HR & Workforce Management

Generates the most valuable outcomes for the company as it predicts outcomes for both small & big enterprises. Also; AI helps you to analyse the resume to choose the most potential candidate.

Machine Learning in HR & Workforce Management.
Machine Learning in Healthcare Industry.


The enormous increase in consumer wearables is becoming a new trend and is utilised as a tool for identifying your fitness score helping you to stay away and predict diseases at an early stage.

Real Estate

ML affects three key areas of Real Estate: customers, facility assets and employees to extract data and take decisions accordingly to increase their surplus.

Machine Learning in Real Estate.
Machine Learning in Travel & Tourism.

Travel & Tourism

Take benefits of flight fare and hotel price forecasting, optimized disruption management, customer support & sentiment analysis in social media via AI & Deep Learning.

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