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Machine Translation Software is based on NLP frameworks that allow the user to use a bilingual dictionary at a time and translate a text/ speech into another language. Though it may seem rather simple it is anything but complex, wherein the translator working using NLP algorithms needs to not only translate the word but actually translate the meaning in the grammatically correct manner as well. Moreover, the software gives the user a choice to translate the text/ speech in two ways: Rule-Based & Statistical Machine Translation.

Why choose Machine Translation Software? includes:

Live Chat Using Machine Translation

With the ability to reply and provide support in over 20 languages, Machine Translation can help you to be available 24X7 for your customers & that too cost effectively.

User Generated Content

Develop your own machine translation software that provides a customized experience & allows users to switch the language of their choice.

Memorize Content

Machine Translation helps to remember the human jargons and to translate them in a way that the meaning which needs to be expressed is not hindered eventually.

Reduce Publishing Steps

From translating an initial draft & to making changes along with the human editing; Machine Translation comes handy to polish and make the linguist aspect perfect.

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