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Creating Intelligent Web and App Design fusioned with Art and Simplicity.

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Web and App Design

Web Designers at CreateBytes knows what to do within the box. We give our web and App Design the power to communicate with the users to bring a successful digital product to life.

Our Services

Responsive Design

Since users switch between their devices, a perfect design should be such that it adapts the device conveniently. Responsive design will boost sales and increase search ranking as well.

User Interface Design

Clean and efficient design that clearly highlights your business will lead to a perfect conversation between your user and your website finally. Also, this will help you achieve your desired goal.

User Experience Design

Easy to Navigate & user-friendly design is the ultimate key that will hold the user on your website. A good UX design will make the user’s website tour a pleasurable experience and will urge them to visit later as well.

Customised App Design

The requirement of each and every client may vary and so will their demand; therefore, we offer customised application design where the client can customise the design as per their needs.

B2B Web Design

Your website needs to deliver the value you are looking for; henceforth, we deliver websites with high content and branding strategies that can give you high SEO ranking and results.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics will give your website/application an aesthetic appeal that suits your business. This may include infographics, logo designs, product design, custom icons and other branding material.

Our Approach

Communicate & Plan

  • We start any project with understanding the vision of our clients and then based on their ideas and our expertise we come up with a plan that lives up to their expectations.


  • An expert designer will always start with the wireframing. This step will give you a clear picture of how the design will finally look and the client too gets a clear picture of the whereabouts.


  • Starting with the home page we gradually start with the designing of all the remaining templates for the web pages. Typically, this process takes three to four weeks to get the final output.


  • Before the design is sent for approval, we do a mockup where we test all our designs and models after which we do the necessary changes as per the feedback.

Design Approval

  • This is the most crucial of all our steps where we send the design for the client approval and take their feedback on styling, colours, typography, spacing and graphics.

Design Handoff

  • Lastly, after all the required changes are made and the content has been taken care of we hand over the design to the client or the development team for the web/ app development.

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