Web and App Development Domain Expertise

CreateBytes holds a reputation for serving tech giants from the following domains with the Web and App Development Services.

E-Commerce & Retail Industry

Online shopping is a new trend where websites, applications or web applications have become a must-have to boost business sales and to attract more loyal customers for your business.

 Web and App Development used by E-Commerce & Retail Industr.
Web and App Development used by Travel Industry .

Hospitality/ Travel Industry

A complete package for your business that advertises your services and packages. A good website/ application will impress the tourists to choose you out of the lot.

Healthcare Industry

More awareness of one’s health urges people to book regular checkups, consultation appointments with the doctor or using a healthcare application for regular health maintenance.

Web and App Development used by Healthcare Industry
Web and App Development used by Media & Entertainment Industry.

Media & Entertainment Industry

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstart and many more like that are now widely known for their entertainment services. Having one for your business is a must to engage and attract new customers for your platform.

Workforce Management

Managing your employees and paging them about their duties itself is a task. But workforce management tools and software have solved this obstacle from delayed delivery of the projects.

Web and App Development used for Workforce Management .
Web and App Development used by Social Networking Industry.

Social Networking Industry

Social Media applications like Snapchat, Instagram, Hike Whatsapp and Facebook have become a big part of today’s world where people use social networking sites or applications to communicate with the world.

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